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Shane Dawson and partner Ryland reveal they're expecting two boys

Shane Dawson and partner Ryland reveal they're expecting two boys

YouTuber Shane Dawson and his partner Ryland Adams are expecting two boys via surrogacy

Shane Dawson and his partner Ryland Adams have just revealed they're expecting two boys via surrogacy.

The pair, who have been dating since 2016 and officially tied the knot earlier this year, took to YouTube to share with their fans the news of the newest addition to their family alongside the chosen baby names.

In a new video uploaded to Ryland's channel over the weekend (21 May), the couple told subscribers they had decided to proceed the surrogacy process with two male embryos.

The YouTuber couple are expecting two boys via surrogacy.
YouTube/Ryland vlogs

Ryland's YouTube vlog was titled: "The Best Day Of Our Lives," and has since clocked up nearly half a million views.

Ryland started the video telling fans: "So, today, we had a very exciting meeting with our fertility doctor."

"We're so close," he continued, "we're like almost to the finish line of getting knocked up."

In the video, the couple explained to their viewers a little bit more about the surrogacy process.

Acting on the advice of their fertility doctor, Shane and Ryland chose the two most 'optimal' embryos out of a choice of 12.

Ryland explained: "The embryos are ranked inside of being usable."

One of the two chosen embryos carried Shane's sperm, while the second carried Ryland's - both of which happened to be male.

While they originally thought they would have a girl and a boy, it's clear the pair were absolutely over-the-moon at the news and revealed exactly what they wanted to call their future tots.

"It just all felt right," Shane recalled.

He continued: "We're going to be so excited with any outcome that is a healthy child."

The pair also showed subscribers their future babies' clothes, including their 'first onesie' and tiny Burberry baby shoes.

They had already decided on one of the names, Jetson, or 'Jet' for short, with Shane coming up with the second name, Max.

Some point later in the 25-minute-long vlog, the soon-to-be fathers met up with their surrogate off camera for the first ever time and attended a hospital appointment with her.

During the clinic meeting, the surrogate mother was implanted with the two chosen embryos carrying both Shane and Ryland's sperm.

Waiting in the lobby whilst the procedure took place, Ryland said: "I cannot believe it's like happening in like 10 or 15 minutes!"

According to the excited couple, the implantation procedure went smoothly and was a success, with Ryland calling the entire day 'so amazing and incredible'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Ryland vlogs

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