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YouTuber Shane Dawson Says He's Glad He Was Cancelled

YouTuber Shane Dawson Says He's Glad He Was Cancelled

YouTuber Shane Dawson has said he's glad he was cancelled.

YouTuber Shane Dawson has said he's glad he was cancelled.

Whether you know the concent creator from his conspiracy theories videos or real-life controversy, it's safe to say that Dawson being cancelled was a big deal.

Back in the 2010s Dawson had a huge following and produced a number of documentary series about fellow YouTubers, including Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, that racked up millions of views.

Shane explains what being cancelled was like.

Then in 2020, Dawson received a considerable amount of backlash after some of his content resurfaced, which many considered offensive.

The content included racism, blackface, and jokes about pedophilia, for which the content creator apologised.

As you can imagine, the apology wasn't well received, and Dawson lost around 700,000 subscribers following the backlash.

Since then, he has had a stint away from social media, before returning to making videos, just at a much slower rate than before, focusing instead on his self-titled Shane Dawson Podcast.

However, Shane says he's happier with his current output of content, adding that just before he was cancelled he felt 'burnt out'.

The comments were made earlier this week during Perez Hilton's podcast.

"When I was getting the most views, I was the most depressed, I was the most anxious," Dawson said.

He went on to add: "I really think the universe and God, or whatever, really planned it this way because I was at a point before I got cancelled where I didn't wanna be around anymore. I was so burnt out."

He went on to say: "It was just a collection of boom, boom, boom, boom, and it got to a point where, yeah, then that's when I started therapy for an eating disorder and all the other stuff, and then oddly enough, two months maybe even sooner, I started therapy I got cancelled and it was like, 'Oh.' That felt very designed to me by something.'

Dawson added that the silver lining to being cancelled was that: "Now I can see what the bigger purpose is and I do and I'm so grateful to be where I am and for my family and to not be freaking out every f***ing day like, 'What am I going to make?! 'What am I going to make?! How am I going to top it? Are people going to be mad?' It really was never ending."

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Featured Image Credit: Shane Dawson/YouTube

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