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People shocked as woman 'completely disappears' behind Scarlett Johansson on red carpet

People shocked as woman 'completely disappears' behind Scarlett Johansson on red carpet

Some believe it's a glitch in the matrix

People have been left seriously freaked out over a video in which a woman appears to 'completely disappear' behind Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet.

The mysterious moment unfolded back in 2006, when the 38-year-old Marvel star attended the Golden Globes.

As you can see, Johansson leans over to answer a couple of questions, telling the interview that she's wearing Valentino and that her highlight of the evening was Philip Seymour Hoffman winning Best Actor for his role in Capote.

Fantastic choice, but since that moment viewers have been less focused on her answer and more focused on the fact that it looks like a woman simply vanishes from the scene after walking behind the actress.

The viral clip is once again doing the rounds, and once again it's left people baffled.

Twitter page Historic Vids has also released a slo-mo version, demonstrating how the guest appears to go behind Johansson at the same time as a man – but only he emerges from the other side.

Many people believe there's some trickery afoot, with one Twitter user writing: "Yall wanna have an answer for everything even though you literally can't explain this.

"Woman is either a time traveller or it's some supernatural thing and that's it."

Another put forward this interesting theory: "We are all in the simulation, never believe 100 percent what you see unless you are right there in real.

"And even then, with the technology these days you can be deceived even if things are 'happening' right before your eyes."

Where did she go?

A third asked: "Where did she go? Another dimension?"

Others had more logical explanations, ranging from smart editing to camera angles.

Another suggested there was some kind of secret door, writing: "Why we saying she disappeared? That wall is standing out people can duck behind."

But as the saying goes, the simplest explanation is usually the right one – and this certainly applies in this case.

Among the commenters believing the mystery is some sort of paranormal occurrence, one person shared the video from another angle.

And it's clear to see that the woman was hidden by the other red carpet dweller as she moved past Johansson, giving the illusion that she vanished into thin air.

As well as the clip, one person wrote: "She’s behind her. Look at the opening between her left arm and her body.

"You can see the woman fills that void. Scarlett just perfectly blocks her. That’s why the next guy has to go around and not along the wall."

Yep, the internet sleuths have done it again – save this bit of knowledge in your back pocket the next time this video does the rounds online.

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