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Samuel L Jackson Calls New Onscreen Swear Record ‘Bulls**t’ And Is Stunned By Who's Overtaken Him

Samuel L Jackson Calls New Onscreen Swear Record ‘Bulls**t’ And Is Stunned By Who's Overtaken Him

Samuel L Jackson responds to Jimmy Fallon telling him he doesn't have the record for most on-screen swears.

Samuel L Jackson has said it's 'bulls**t' that he doesn't hold the record for most on-screen profanities.

Honestly, we're shocked by this one too.

Jackson recently reacted to the news that he's lost the record for the most on-screen swear words.

On Wednesday, March 9, Jackson appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where the host broke the news.

Having done the maths, it was a surprise to almost everyone that Jackson didn't come first for most swears on-screen.

The real kicker here is that Jackson wasn't second on the list, either. That spot went to Leonardo DiCaprio, who has cursed 361 times on-screen.

Jackson came in third with 301 profanities on-screen throughout his career.

And topping the list? None other than Jonah Hill, who's apparently cursed on-screen no less than 376 times.

To this, Jackson responded, 'That’s some bulls**t', and to be fair it's not the order we'd imagined the list going either.

Jackson then continued to comment on the record, saying, 'No way, man. Jonah Hill. Really? And then Leo. Jonah Hill, then Leo. I don’t believe that. Somebody has miscounted'.

'Maybe his many uses of the word motherf****r weren’t counted individually, but who knows?' he added.

While it's shocking that Jackson doesn't hold the record, did you know he once beat Tiger Woods at a round of golf?

That's right, the interview with Fallon got even more shocking as Jackson confirmed he once beat the golfing great by 'complete accident', People reports.

He explained: 'The first time I ever played St. Andrews, they paired me with him in what was the Dunhill golf tournament and I was a 16, so they gave me my 16 shots. And I shot 78 because he said 'follow me', and I stayed as close to him as I could.'

Jackson added that he ended up beating Woods 'by about eight strokes'.

The revelations didn't stop there, Jackson also confirmed that he doesn't shoot more than three takes for a scene while acting, and that he feels an actor needs 'to have a really good explanation when you need more than three'.

Samuel L Jackson as Mace Windu in Star Wars.

As if Jackson couldn't get any cooler, Fallon also got the star to confirm whether he 'had the Star Wars prop team engrave your lightsaber with a special acronym'.

And, obviously, he does, but Jackson noted: 'They did that because they loved me – I didn't ask for it.'

'When the shoot was over, when they presented it to me, [and] it had 'BMF' on the on-off button,' he noted.

Jackson then joked that the acronym stood for 'Bad, my friend,' but we think it might have something to do with the phrase that got him to third spot on the swearing list.

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