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Quentin Tarantino blasts Ryan Reynolds' Netflix pay and says his movies on platform 'don't even exist’

Quentin Tarantino blasts Ryan Reynolds' Netflix pay and says his movies on platform 'don't even exist’

Despite Ryan Reynolds making a staggering sum from his Netflix films, he's failed to impress director Quentin Tarantino.

Given that so many movies were delayed over the pandemic, you’d think Quentin Tarantino would encourage other filmmakers.

However, the Pulp Fiction director has blasted actor Ryan Reynolds over the Canadian’s deal with Netflix.

In fact, the legendary filmmaker even claimed that he’d ‘never heard’ of the Marvel star’s films on the streaming site. (Ouch!)

Tarantino has blasted the Deadpool actor.
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While the Kill Bill director may not have been impressed with the Wrexham FC owner’s output, fans have flocked to watch them on Netflix.

Reynolds’ first film with the streaming giant was 2021’s Red Notice, which see the A-lister play the world’s greatest art thief who is hunted down by an Interpol agent.

The Deadpool star appeared alongside fellow comic book actors Dwayne Johnson and Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot.

Though Tarantino may not have tuned in, MCU fans did with the Reynolds earning an estimated $20 million (£16m) from the Netflix film.

The actor has then turned his attention to The Adam Project, a sci-fi drama on the streaming service with the star as a time-travelling pilot.

Scoring a fresh 67 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the film earned Reynolds a second major payday – roughly $15 million (£12m).

With a Red Notice sequel also in the works, it seems that the actor is not parting ways with Netflix anytime soon.

The director is unhappy with Reynold's Netflix films.

Though his fans will be delighted, it’s likely that Quentin Tarantino will not be so thrilled by the news.

In a recent interview with Deadline, he blasted the actor and his multiple Netflix films, even arguing that they ‘don’t exist’ in popular culture.

“I mean, and I’m not picking on anybody, but apparently for Netflix, Ryan Reynolds has made $50 million on this movie and $50 million on that movie and $50 million on the next movie for them,” he bluntly told the outlet.

The Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood filmmaker continued: “I don’t know what any of those movies are. I’ve never seen them.”

However, the legendary director did congratulate the Marvel actor saying: “Well, good for him that he’s making so much money, but those movies don’t exist in the zeitgeist. It’s almost like they don’t even exist.”

As Reynolds is about to make his third film with Netflix, Tarantino is slowing down and has recently revealed his next film The Movie Critic will be his last.

He told CNN that it was ‘time to wrap up the show’ as he’d ‘been doing it for a long time’.

“Like I said, I’m an entertainer,” he said. “I want to leave you wanting more, you know?”

Well, we guess that means even more work for Ryan, eh?

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