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Piers Morgan Shares Moment 'Interview Turns Nasty' With Donald Trump Ahead Of Explosive Show

Piers Morgan Shares Moment 'Interview Turns Nasty' With Donald Trump Ahead Of Explosive Show

Donald Trump will feature on new TalkTV show Uncensored as Piers Morgan's first guest

Piers Morgan has shared the explosive moment from his recent exclusive interview with Donald Trump 'turns nasty'.

Going by the teaser clips from Morgan's upcoming interview with the former US President, things got pretty heated between the pair, who were once considered friends, with Trump eventually storming off the presenter’s new TalkTV show, Piers Morgan Uncensored.

Watch below as Trump refuses to accept his election defeat to Joe Biden:

The business tycoon called Morgan a 'fool' for believing that the election was a fair result and claimed 'you haven't studied it'.

Ahead of the interview, which airs tonight (25 April), Morgan put the clip out on Twitter and wrote: "I believe it was a free and fair election and you lost.

"Then you’re a fool! Moment my interview with President Trump turns nasty…"

After the filming the interview, Morgan penned an article for The Sun and described what it was like sitting opposite Trump.

Things turned sour between Piers Morgan and Donald Trump during his exclusive interview.

"I’d never seen him so livid or felt so uncomfortable in his presence," he revealed. 

The British television presenter also disclosed that Trump yelled: "This is so disloyal! After all I’ve done for you? Why would say all this about me?"

Trump has also spoken out since he walked off the show.

In a statement released on 20 April, he said: "He wanted to make it look like I walked out on the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour.

"The good news is that the interview was taped by us as a means of keeping him honest."

Morgan said he'd never seen the former President 'so livid'.

In his statement, Trump has since called out to fans and followers who 'want to make Piers look bad [to] compare his video promo and how it was doctored to the real thing.'

The former president concluded: "Hopefully they will now be doing some big changes to their final product.

"It just shows, however, what I have to deal with in the Fake News Media. He went out of his way to deceptively edit an interview and got caught. That is a big story isn't it?"

Morgan has since responded to the statement, calling the interview 'great' and thanking Trump for his time.

He said: "Morning, Mr President! Sorry you got so annoyed that I don’t believe the 2020 election was rigged or stolen from you, but as I said, where’s your proof? If you have it, show us - or accept the result and move on."

The 75-minute interview will air on 25 April at 8pm GMT on the TalkTV network.

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