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Pedro Pascal hilariously breaks character during Saturday Night Live skits

Pedro Pascal hilariously breaks character during Saturday Night Live skits

Much to fans' delight, the actor showed his humorous side over the weekend.

Pedro Pascal made his debut on Saturday Night Live to rave reviews despite breaking character several times.

Videos of the Chilean-American actor hosting the long-running sketch comedy show are currently circulating the internet.

If you weren’t already in love with him, by the end of these videos, your heart will grow three sizes - just like the Grinch.

Many rushed on Twitter just to show how much they loved Pascal, struggling to keep a straight face: “THESE TWO SKITS HAD ME BURSTING OUT LAUGHS LMAOOO.”

Another commented: “Finally, someone's having fun on that god-forsaken show.”

A third person said: “Genuinely one of the most charming hit Hollywood men we’ve ever had, the Pedro era shall never die.”

In one particularly hilarious skit, the actor joked that his next post-apocalyptic series would be Mario Kart.

Pascal even appeared to be fashioning the notorious overalls and a thick 'stache portraying the beloved Italian while shrieking the words ‘let’s-a-go’ before taking off in his go-kart.

The sketch left viewers in stitches, as one person wrote: “I mean, there literally is a Murdering Pooh Movie. Why can’t we have this?”

While another said: “You know. For being a fake trailer for a comedy show, they made it enjoyable to watch. I wish it was a real movie.”

Vulture writer Joe Berkowitz called the episode the best one of the season thus far, likening Pascal to a ‘erudite Golden Retriever’.

He added: “In other words, he has exactly the right range to make a meal out of whatever the SNL team served him.

“Thankfully, the show’s writers and performers seem to have savored the opportunity and concocted something special. And to borrow a phrase from one memorable sketch, Pascal ate this whole episode up and left no crumbs.”

No crumbs, yet we are still licking the plate and begging for more.

Pascal is currently starring in the hit HBO MAX show The Last of Us, which follows Joel (played by Pascal), a skilled survivor, traveling through the US two decades after a deadly and contagious fungus broke out.

During his journey, he meets Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and the two work together to survive in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world.

Since the series premiered on January 17, it’s been coined as the best video game TV adaptations and has attracted 18 million viewers.

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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