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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris forced to take action after people criticized her 'inappropriate' dress

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris forced to take action after people criticized her 'inappropriate' dress

Paris Jackson wore a Jean Paul Gaultier dress, but the reaction from her followers was not the best

Paris Jackson has been forced to take action after an Instagram post blew up of her wearing a dress which some described as 'inappropriate'.

The daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson has a rather big following thanks to her family, but also her own success, too.

She is a well-known model and actor, plus she's also gone down the same route as her dad with music.

In 2020, Paris signed a deal with Republic Records and her first single 'Let Down' released that same year.

Some fans were not happy.

It's not the music that Paris has been in the news for recently though, more her modelling career.

Last weekend, one of Paris' outfits was shared on Instagram by her stylist team Dani and Emma.

The post has received a lot of interaction online, and let's just say not all of the reactions were positive.

The dress in question is Jean Paul Gaultier design that featured a print of a woman's nude body.

The brown dress is certainly very detailed, which includes breasts, a long torso, and shading of pubic hair.

It has led to many having to double-take to see if Paris was actually naked, but it's been confirmed it's just the design.

The dress is certainly unique.

To be fair, the dress is actually not too outlandish for a Jean Paul Gaultier design, as the imagery is usually pretty wild for his designs.

Speaking about his design inspirations with British Vogue in 2021, Gaultier said: "I have come from a generation that scoured flea markets.

"That is where I found a French navy striped shirt that I started wearing, and that became one of my codes. It’s a wonderful thing to give new life to old clothes and to wear them again.

"In this time of crises and confusion, what could be better?"

Despite the fact many are aware the designer goes for the extreme when it comes to his designs, Paris received some mixed comments.

A lot of Instagram users were not impressed with the dress, with some calling it 'inappropriate'.

Paris was hit with comments that the dress was 'inappropriate'.

"Is there any point to this dress? And when do we start leaving things to the imagination versus having to see everything on display?," one person asked.

Meanwhile, another Instagram user referenced how she wasn't impressed with the dress, as it can be easily accessible for her daughter to see.

The debate surrounding the dress was seemingly too much for Paris, as she limited the number of people who could comment on the post.

She did not directly address the criticism, though she did leave one final thought on the situation with a funny post to her Instagram story.

The star uploaded the viral meme of Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich from our friends at LADbible, which included the caption: "When you just wanted to wear a piece of art by Gaultier but people are debating your dignity."

Well played, Paris.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ParisJackson

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