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Nicole Brown Simpson's sister calls out Chris Rock for 'distasteful' Oscars joke

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister calls out Chris Rock for 'distasteful' Oscars joke

The sister of Nicole Brown Simpson has called out Chris Rock over a recent joke he made about her.

Nicole Brown Simpson's sister has responded to a 'distasteful' joke from Chris Rock about her murder.

The comedian, who was infamously slapped across the face by Will Smith during the Oscars for making a joke about his wife, recently revealed he'd been asked to go back and host them again.

Smith got banned from the Oscars for 10 years for getting up on stage and hitting Rock, and then yelling 'keep my wife's name out your f***ing mouth' at him.

With that in mind it's understandable that Rock would probably not want to go back and host again, if nothing else just to avoid all of the drama and questions that would inevitably crop up.

However, he's since made a joke about not returning to host the Oscars again, and it's been met with a lot of backlash.

Chris Rock joked that him going back to host the Oscars would be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson 'to go back to the restaurant'.
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While performing a show in Phoenix, Arizona, Rock said he'd been offered the hosting gig again but turned it down, joking that it'd be like asking Nicole Brown Simpson 'to go back to the restaurant'.

For those unaware, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered in 1995, and the subsequent the trial of her ex-husband OJ Simpson captured international attention.

The trial ended when he was famously acquitted of their murders, though a later civil case found him to he liable for their deaths and ordered him to pay $33.5 million in compensation.

On the night Brown Simpson was murdered her mother had left a pair of sunglasses at the restaurant Goldman worked at, so he went round to her home after work to drop them off that night.

Their bodies were found by police shortly after midnight, both of them having been stabbed to death.

According to TMZ, Nicole's sister Tanya thought the joke from Chris Rock was unfunny, didn't make sense and was distasteful.

Tanya Brown, sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, said the joke from Chris Rock about her murder was 'distasteful'.
WENN Rights Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Tanya said she wants people to know her sister's murder isn't anything thing to joke about, especially since there are still family members of the victims who are dealing with the pain and trauma of her death.

Tanya thought Rock could have used a different analogy to make his point, and that comparing her sister being murdered to him not going back to host the Oscars again were completely different.

In response to Rock's joke about Nicole Brown Simpson, some on social media are agreeing with Tanya, some even claiming they were beginning 'to see why Will Smith smacked fire outta him'.

Tanya told TMZ she wouldn't go as far as supporting that, but thought his joke about her sister's murder was not a good one to make.

UNILAD has reached out to Chris Rock's representatives for comment.

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