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Lip reader confirms what John Krasinski really said to Emily Blunt in viral clip at Golden Globes after leaving fans stunned
Featured Image Credit: TikTok / CBS

Lip reader confirms what John Krasinski really said to Emily Blunt in viral clip at Golden Globes after leaving fans stunned

Fans have been desperate to learn more after John Krasinski was spotted speaking to Emily Blunt at the Golden Globes

A professional lip reader has shared what they believe John Krasinksi really said to his wife Emily Blunt in a viral clip from the Golden Globes.

Krasinski attended the Golden Globes on Sunday (7 December) to support Blunt, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Oppenheimer.

The pair smiled as they posed together in front of the cameras at the event, but a video showed Krasinski appearing to say something to Blunt which sparked dread among their fans. Take a look:

Unfortunately microphones didn't pick up his comment, but after scrutinizing the footage fans became convinced The Office actor had murmured: "I can't wait to divorce."

With the couple having achieved nearly 15 years of marriage and certified 'couple goals' status, the idea of them splitting up did not go down well with fans and prompted many to share their concerns online.

"I’ve watched this 500 times trying to convince myself he said something other than divorce," one viewer wrote.

Another added: "How many times did I replay this to try and understand what he said!! Please don’t break my heart you two."

Fans were concerned about Emily and John's relationship after the clip went viral.

As speculation continued online, professional lip reader Jeremy Freeman has now attempted to clear things up by sharing his thoughts on what Krasinski really said to Blunt.

Freeman told The Mirror the couple weren't talking about their relationship at all - which, admittedly, makes sense. If they had any plans to divorce, chances are they wouldn't announce it in a subtle comment in front of multiple cameras at the Golden Globes.

Instead, Freeman expressed belief that Krasinski said: "They keep waiting for us."

The A Quiet Place star is then thought to have added, "That's alright," before Blunt says: "Come with me."

This conversation, while much less juicy, is definitely more fitting of a couple having to navigate the red carpet.

Emily Blunt and John Krasinski supported Oppenheimer at the Golden Globes.
Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Freeman's explanation comes after other viewers tried desperately to assure fans that Krasinski hadn't said the word 'divorce', with people sharing their own theories for what he might have said.

One person theorized that he said 'I can't wait to get indoors', while another suggested it might be 'I can't wait for the awards'.

Either way, it's nice to believe that Krasinski didn't mention divorce to the mother of his two kids, and that instead the two actors were simply enjoying a fun night out.

Unfortunately Blunt didn't take home the award in her category, but Oppenheimer did win in a number of other categories including Best Motion Picture and Best Director.

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