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Eminem makes shock appearance by bringing out boxer Terence Crawford to 'Lose Yourself'

Eminem makes shock appearance by bringing out boxer Terence Crawford to 'Lose Yourself'

Terence Crawford walked to the ring to the tune of Eminem's 2002 hit.

Terence Crawford joined forces with Eminem this weekend as she walked out onto the ring with the rapper to the tune of his hit award-winning hit 'Lose Yourself'.

In what is already being hailed as one of the best ring walks of all time, the 35-year-old professional boxer was ushered to the ring by Slim Shady, 50, for his fight against Errol Spence Jr, 33, on Saturday (29 July).

More than two decades have gone by since Eminem released his Academy Award-winning hip hop anthem, which never fails to set the mood whenever and wherever it's played.

As the opening melody to the song started playing, Crawford and Eminem emerged defiantly. The hip hop artist then said: “Las Vegas! Make some noise for the next undisputed welterweight champion of the world, Terence 'Bud' Crawford!"

After shaking hands, the pair walked side-by-side into the crowd and towards the ring, as the 8 Mile soundtrack song echoed throughout the venue.

The whole idea for the ring walk came after Crawford posted a video showing him and his trainer Shakur Stevenson talking about who his dream ring walk accompaniment would be.

Eminem gave Terence Crawford a rapturous introduction to the arena.

“You know what I was thinking would be crazy s**t?" Crawford said.

“I think it would be dope to have Eminem walk me out or something like that. He's never walked nobody out, huh?"

Stevenson then responded: "I ain't gonna lie, Eminem's a GOAT. I ain't never seen him walking nobody out in a boxing ring."

Eminem then saw that video and shared his thoughts, writing: “This is 2 crazy.!!! You r 1 of my favorite boxers rn!”

Crawford then told the Detroit rapper to ‘pull up’ so that they could do some ‘legendary s***’.

Fans loved seeing Eminem and Terence together.

Lots of fans believe that the ring walk with Eminem was the catalyst for Crawford’s victory this weekend, with one person commenting: “It was over the second this happened.”

Similarly, another user of the app formerly known as Twitter, posted: "I told you guys if Terence walks out with Eminem it’s over

Crawford became the first man to win undisputed titles in two weight classes.

Another fan said: “How can you lose after that walk out?”

While a fourth called it the ‘greatest ring walk ever’.

"There's [no] way Terence Crawford was [gonna] lose after walking out with Eminem," someone else declared

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@boxingontnt

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