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Taylor Lautner has trouble in airports because he’s married to Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner has trouble in airports because he’s married to Taylor Lautner

They don't have Taylor/Tailor, it's all the same!

Sharing a name causes confusion enough even when it's two or more children in the same class with the same first name.

So imagine the confusion that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner have to go through on a daily basis, on account of sharing the same name.

For those who don't know, Taylor Lautner starred in the Twilight franchise as Jacob the werewolf, while Taylor Lautner is a nurse from California.

Confused yet?

If it helps, Taylor Lautner was born Taylor Dorne, but took Taylor Lautner's last name when she married the Twilight star in 2022.

Now, Lautner has opened up about the confusion that the pair face in an appearance on The Good Guys podcast.

That's actor Lautner, by the way.

It turns out that sharing the same name leads to confusion in more than one aspect of the pair's life, such as ordering from Amazon.

Taylor Lautner (L) and Taylor Lautner (R) married in 2022.
Instagram / Taylor Lautner

Lautner said: "Now that we officially have the same exact name, packages are becoming tough.

"We need to figure something out, because when I'm buying stuff for her and she's buying stuff for me we're gonna have some surprises spoiled if we open the wrong Taylor Lautner packet."

But it's not just when they're trying to get each other a present that the pair encounter some issues.

When they're flying together, sharing the exact same name can become a problem when dealing with the eternal encumbrance that is airport security theater.

Taylor Lautner opened up about the impact sharing a name has.
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Lautner (the actor), said: "TSA, airport, they'll be like which one of you is Taylor? And we're like 'both of us', and they're like 'which one of you is Taylor Lautner?', also both of us!

"They're like 'ehh this seems fishy', we're gonna send you to security."

Host Josh Peck then joked: "I would get divorced over that."

And Taylor Lautner is not the only actor to have had challenges with sharing a name with someone.

Richard E Grant, of Withnail and I and Star Wars, recounted how he had to add the E to his name for the British acting union Equity as there was already a Richard Grant on the books.

In his book A Pocketful of Happiness, he told how some years later after he achieved fame he was contacted by Richard Grant's wife, who informed him that the the elderly actor had died so he could have the name now if he wanted.

Some people suggested one way to resolve at least the package problem faced by the Taylor Lautners. One of the pair could adopt the name 'Tay' when ordering online so the pair have a way to differentiate what package is for whom.

Probably wouldn't help at the airport though.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Josh Peck / Instagram/@taylorlautner

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