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People are cringing over Taylor Lautner and wife Taylor Lautner's dinner party video

People are cringing over Taylor Lautner and wife Taylor Lautner's dinner party video

Viewers are comparing their vibe on the 'cringe' video to Joe and Love from You

Fans of Taylor Launtner have been left with 'the ick' after watching a promo video he featured in for luxury lifestyle store Anthropologie.

The video, titled: 'Dinner with the Lautners', posted to the brand's 4.5m followers yesterday (4 June), was supposed to be an aspirational snapshot into the celebrity marrieds' lives - but seems to have hit a weird note with many as the comments overwhelmingly come to the same conclusion.

You can watch the promo below:

Twilight star, Taylor Lautner, and his wife, ahem, Taylor Lautner, a mental health and self-care advocate, got hitched in 2022.

Wifey - née Taylor Dome - took her husbands name - meaning she now shares both of them but according to her Instagram bio goes by the name 'Tay' to avoid more confusion.

But she wasn't the first Taylor that Taylor had dated - he's still fans with his A-list ex, Taylor Swift, and recently gave her a big platonic hug onstage during her Eras Tour in Kansas City, Missouri.

Back to the video and the pair talk about their dream evening, with hubby Taylor saying: "I think throwing a dinner party the Lautner way would be good food..."

"Lots of food," chimes Tay.

People didn't seem to hate it - despite the parallels.

"Good company..." he continues.

"Yes," Tay agrees.

"And maybe some games," Taylor concludes.

"Probably some wine too," adds Tay.

So far so fun.


In reference to their beautiful, Spanish-style home, Taylor says: "I think pairing Anthro with the character of the home was a really good fit" - and we couldn't agree more.

So what's rubbing fans of the Lautners the wrong way? -Well, it could be that their lightly attended dinner party (which seems to only have their fur baby, Remi, in attendance) and Tay's low bun and hoop earrings paired with their cheesy chemistry of hilarity amidst domestic chores is reminiscent of a certain fictional couple: You's Joe and Love.

We all remember the Netflix favourite's OTT cooking scenes at the bakery in season 2 - or even the darkly infamous yet delicious-looking roast chicken in the final episode of season three.


One commenter of the video said: "They look so cute! Like Love and Joe here!"

To which another replied: "I thought I was the only one that got those vibes."

A third agreed: "Omg I totally felt that vibe too."

A second comment thread began: "Ok, but is Love over there going to say I wolf you to him?" IYKYK.

"100% they’re both serial killers fer suuure," said one.

Seems they didn't hate the similarities.

Others couldn't bear to watch: "Dear god I can feel the cringe through my screen. It’s given me the ick."

Another had a brighter take: "Ok, so they are friends with Taylor Swift and get to work with Anthropologie?! Manifesting."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Anthropologie

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