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Fans spot moment Taylor Swift ‘got the ick in real time' after watching Travis Kelce's Super Bowl celebration
Featured Image Credit: CBS

Fans spot moment Taylor Swift ‘got the ick in real time' after watching Travis Kelce's Super Bowl celebration

Travis Kelce had been celebrating winning the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, but fans of Taylor Swift seem to think she was less than impressed

Fans have humorously suggested that Travis Kelce gave Taylor Swift the 'ick' during his Super Bowl victory celebration.

Kelce's team the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Fransisco 49ers in a hair-raising game which went right down to the final minute.

A last minute touchdown saw the Chiefs claim a 25-22 victory over the 49ers.

With emotions running high throughout the game, players and fans of the Chiefs were understandably thrilled by the team's second victory running at the Super Bowl.

But it was Travis Kelce's celebration which has drawn attention.

Understandably, Kelce was extremely excited at the victory, so much so that he launched into song and belted out 'Viva Las Vegas' during an interview with CBS.

The game did take place in Vegas, so it makes sense!

Some have suggested that his jubilant rendition of the Elvis classic gave Kelce's girlfriend Taylor Swift the ick.

Kelce belts out Viva Las Vegas after the victory.
Michael Owens/Getty Images

Images of the singer at the celebration see her looking less than enthused at the ecstatic Kelce's performance.

Swift joined Kelce on the field after the Chiefs' victory, their second Super Bowl win in two years.

But when he began singing, fans suggested she had gotten the 'ick'.

For those who don't know, this is when someone suddenly feels repelled by a person, possibly that they had previously liked.

Body language expert Dr Louise Mahler told Yahoo Life Australia what she thought Swift's body language suggested.

She said: "We can imagine how anyone super excited may have expressed themselves like this, but I think she was horrified, slightly amused, but embarrassed.

Kelce and Swift share a moment together after the match.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

"When one sees Taylor Swift at the Grammys [you can tell] she is totally elated by her colleagues' wins. She jumps up and down and laughs and calls out."

She added: "In this footage, she opens, then shuts and holds her mouth tightly. She does not want to open it, suggesting she does not want to say something.

"Her mouth is slightly smiling, but her eyes lose their sparkle. She is being polite."

Swift flew in from Tokyo to watch Kelce playing in the Super Bowl, one of the most watched sporting events of the year.

Previous body language analysis has suggested that the pair are not afraid of showing their affection in public.

Swift could be seen rushing to embrace Kelce on the field.

But it seems this 'ick' was short-lived as Swift joined Kelce at the afterparty to celebrate the win.

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