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Blake Lively responds to Ryan Reynolds' Super Bowl tease in best way possible
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@blakelively/@vancityreynolds

Blake Lively responds to Ryan Reynolds' Super Bowl tease in best way possible

Ryan Reynolds was left questioning where his wife was as his Deadpool trailer dropped during the Super Bowl

Blake Lively had the absolute perfect response to husband Ryan Reynolds after he jokingly trolled her during the Super Bowl.

Reynolds has repeatedly proven himself to be a master of banter, and after more than a decade of marriage, it's clear Lively knows how to handle it.

The couple often joke with each other through social media posts, and last weekend was no different.

It all started when the trailer for Reynolds' upcoming Deadpool movie dropped during the Super Bowl, with the star naturally taking the opportunity to promote the trailer with a post on Instagram.

Reynolds posted a picture of himself stood next to the TV, beer in hand and a grin on his face as his character appeared on the screen.

"Has everyone seen the #Deadpool trailer?" Reynolds wrote, but that wasn't the only question he had for fans.

He also wrote: "Also has anyone seen my wife?"

Reynolds questioned his wife's whereabouts during the Super Bowl.

The answer was yes, pretty much everyone had seen Reynolds' wife because she was right alongside Taylor Swift as the singer arrived in Las Vegas to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Lively and Swift walked into the Allegiant Stadium together to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs, with footage of the pair reacting to the game quickly going viral after it was broadcast on live TV.

Reynolds later shared another update on his Instagram Story, sharing a picture Lively had sent to him as she overlooked the football field.

"Found my wife," Reynolds wrote, with the picture showing how Lively had accessorized with a bracelet which featured Deadpool and Wolverine masks - a nod to the new film.

Blake Lively showed her support for Deadpool in her accessories.

Fans responded to Reynolds' feed post with GIFs of Lively at the game, but the actor herself stayed quiet on social media until she returned home.

She finally responded late last night, when she took to her Instagram Story to share a snap of herself stood by the TV, right where Reynolds had been just one day earlier.

Lively also had Deadpool on display on the TV, but instead of promoting the trailer she decided to respond to Reynolds' joke.

"Honey I'm home," she wrote, before adding: "My day was good. Yours?"

Blake Lively has been praised for her response.

Lively's response has been praised by fans, with one person sharing their respective posts on X and writing: "Ryan and Blake Lively are the cutest and funniest couple I’ve ever seen."

Lively did indeed have a good day watching the game, as the team she was rooting for took the win to become Super Bowl champions for the second year in a row.

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