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Steve-O has been banned from performing his show in the entire city of Philadelphia
Featured Image Credit: Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images / Amy Sussman/Getty Images for UTOPIA

Steve-O has been banned from performing his show in the entire city of Philadelphia

The Jackass star is touring the U.S. with his new show, Steve-O’s Bucket List, but fans in Philadelphia will be out of luck.

Professional prankster Steve-O has been 'banned' from performing his new show in the entire city of Philadelphia.

Best known for his mind-blowing stunts, pranks and gruesome injuries In the hit franchise Jackass, Steve-O is now on tour.

The 49-year-old entertaining fans with his Steve-O’s Bucket List Tour, which is a one-man show that includes elements of stand-up and clips of stunt that didn’t make it into Jackass.

We can only imagine what that entails…

With shows scheduled to take place in Atlantic City, Wilmington and Easton, Pennsylvania, fans in Philadelphia may not be able to see Steve-O live in the flesh on home soil, however.

Steve-O said he has been 'banned' from performing his show in Philadelphia.

In a new interview to promote the tour, the MTV star was asked by The Philadelphia Inquirer to share some of his memories of working in the city.

“I never did too much in Philly for Jackass,” he said. “We would generally shoot separately. I definitely shot in Philly for the second Jackass movie and the third one was all in L.A. I think.

“When I think about Philly at this point, everything has been adjacent to Philly because there’s not a single theater in Philadelphia which would allow this show, for its content.”

When pressed for more details about the alleged ban, Steve-O explained: “Yeah, solidly banned in Philly. That’s why we had Wilkes-Barre and the Keswick in the burbs.”

The Inquirer then clarified that it was investigating this claim.

This year, Steve-O marked 15 years being sober and he has been rather open about his journey with sobriety and the setbacks he has faced in the past.

Steve-O put a fish hook through his cheek for Jackass.

He had his own 2009 MTV documentary, titled Steve-O: Demise and Rise looked closer at his drug problems.

And the star’s new show doesn’t shy away from the topic of sobriety either. In fact, his sobriety has trumped the ‘younger version’ of himself in terms of creativity, according to him.

“When you get into sobriety, they talk about like deflating the ego, practicing spirituality and the idea of deflating my ego and being spiritual, like, how much does that jive with being Steve-O from Jackass,” he shared.

“Luckily, I found that not only was I able to still do the Jackass s---t, I do it way better. I’m running circles around every younger version of myself, creatively.”

In 2022, Jackass returned to our screens with Jackass Forever, which Steve-O recently described as 'kind of a bummer'.

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