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Samuel L. Jackson divides opinion after calling on billionaires to pay their taxes

Samuel L. Jackson divides opinion after calling on billionaires to pay their taxes

Samuel L. Jackson has called on billionaires to pay more taxes in an explosive interview.

Samuel L. Jackson has divided opinion after calling on billionaires to pay their taxes.

Known worldwide for the likes of Pulp Fiction and Captain Marvel, he isn't certainly afraid to voice his political opinions, too.

And of course, voicing your political thoughts is going to get you a lot of attention, especially if you are a well known celebrity with millions of fans.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Jackson opened up about his thoughts on billionaires paying their taxes after being asked about about his political activism, which he said happened during his college years in 1966.

"I’m 74. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be around here raising hell or doing what I’m doing." the Avengers star said.

Samuel L. Jackson reckons billionaires should pay their taxes.

"I pay an enormous amount of taxes, and it's fine because I know I should," he continued.

"Why can’t we get billionaires to pay their f**king taxes? If those motherf**kers paid their taxes we’d solve a whole bunch of sh*t. And they would still be richer than every motherf**ker walking around them."

While Jackson's thoughts have divided opinion, many are certainly on the same train of thought that he is.

"I never understood why it was so hard for rich people to pay their taxes like just pay it, we know you got the money," one person wrote on Twitter.

While others described what he had said in the interview as 'facts' and described billionaires as 'untouchable'.

Someone else said: "Because billionaire created the rules the exempt them. They wrote the rules to benefit them and only them."

However, other person on the other side wrote: "Sorry no. They worked hard to earn that money the government can’t take it away like that."

Another said: "He’s just mad that he’s not a billionaire."

And a final said: "Until it affects him lets see what he says now."

The actor's comments have divided opinion.
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Jackson is never one to shy away from politics, as elsewhere in the interview, he said that phrases like Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' make his 'blood boil'.

He added: "Being a certain age and looking at the world and identifying it for what it is and what it becomes, which is why as soon as I hear 'Make America Great Again,' I go, 'When are we talking about again? Are we talking about back when we had apartheid?'

"I grew up in segregation in Tennessee. I went to school with Black kids cause we couldn't go to school with white kids. I saw Klan marches and Klan rallies. So I know what America used to be.

"When I hear them say, “Let’s make it that again,” it just makes my blood boil."

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