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Post Malone fans baffled as bizarre death sentence hoax goes viral

Post Malone fans baffled as bizarre death sentence hoax goes viral

Fans thought he was about to be executed

Fans of Post Malone have been left baffled following a rumor that the rapper had received the death penalty.

Confusion has emerged online. It seems that many people are under the awful impression that their favourite rapper is in fact on death row. We've all been there.

Fans of Post Malone have repeatedly posted their confusion, asking what he did to be getting ready for execution.

One person asked: "I’m confused why did Post Malone get the death penalty?”

Another said: “I need to stay off this app cause not y’all telling me Post Malone got the death penalty for murder and I believed it.”

Fans thought Post Malone was on death row.
YouTube / Mythical Kitchen

A third wrote: “What’s this news about Post Malone and him eating his last meal??”

The rumor started after footage appeared to show Post Malone eating his last meal. Fans were left confused and upset at the prospect of him paying the ultimate price for whatever crime he'd apparently committed.

Needless to say, don't panic. Thankfully, the rumors are in fact not true at all. Post Malone is not actually on death row.

However, the rapper has been filmed eating his 'last meal'.

Post Malone eats his last meal.
YouTube / Mythical Kitchen

The rumors that he was preparing to be executed for an unknown heinous crime arose after he made an appearance on YouTube series Mythical Kitchen.

The series sees celebrities being interviewed by chef Josh Scherer. Part of the hook of the programme is that guests have to choose a very particular meal to consume during their interview, which is then made for them.

This, if you hadn't guessed already, is what they would choose for their last meal if they were on death row.

So what did Post Malone choose for his last meal?

It featured a full menu. For a starter he chose garlic knots, mozzarella sticks, and marinara sauce to dip them in.

For his main, he chose Raising Cane's chicken tenders, a stuffed crust pizza, chicken parm, and a filet mignon steak with teriyaki sauce.

Alongside this he had a bowl of spicy ramen, as well as a glass of his own wine, called Maison No. 9. For pudding, he had frosted flakes cereal and chocolate chip cookies.

After eating all that there's a strong chance of slipping into a coma anyway. I suppose if you're going out, go out in style.

In his book about last meals, food critic Jay Rayner found that a high proportion of death row prisoners tend to choose fast food.

It's possible this is linked to the economic and social circumstances in which people who commit capital crimes often find themselves.

At the other end of the last meal spectrum, in 1995 French President Francois Mitterrand, who was dying of cancer, ate a supposed 'last meal' of an Ortolan Bunting.

This is a tiny songbird which is killed by drowning it in armagnac so that the brandy is inhaled by the poor creature, before it is roasted and eaten under a napkin so that God can't see what you're doing.

Who'd've thought the all-powerful God would be foiled by a napkin.

Featured Image Credit: Morgan Lieberman/FilmMagic / YouTube/Mythical Kitchen

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