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Pharrell Williams goes viral as he struggles to 'Pharrellel park' his Cybertruck
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@roxanar_pr

Pharrell Williams goes viral as he struggles to 'Pharrellel park' his Cybertruck

Parallel parking isn't the easiest of tasks

Any driver will know that the dreaded parallel park manoeuvre isn't the easiest of tasks, and even celebs like Pharrell Williams struggle to do it.

Parallel parking can only be described as anxiety-inducting, so much so, in 2018, it was voted as the UK's most hated parking manoeuvre.

And it's easy to see why.

In the study, nearly half of respondents admitted that they give up on doing a parallel park after getting it wrong the first time.

They're not alone either, as Pharrell Williams also ended up throwing in the towel after attempting to park his Tesla Cybertruck.

And things got so tough, that the 'Happy' hitmaker eventually gave up and threw his keys to a valet to do it for him instead.

I mean, at least he tried.

Somebody documented the moment The Voice judge attempted to park his large, futuristic-looking Tesla Cybertruck on a busy road in Miami's Design District.

Pharrell Williams was spotted driving his new Tesla Cybertruck.

Cybertruck drivers are already getting a lot of attention from people (some good, some bad), so it was a double whammy when people realised it was Pharrell behind the wheel.

While most drivers end up getting pretty flustered following a failed parallel park, Pharrell seemed unfazed and casually exited his car after handing his keys over to a valet.

Roxana Gonzalez witnessed the ordeal and said the producer was attempting to park his expensive car for around 10 minutes.

In Pharrell's defence, apparently it was a pretty tight spot he was trying to squeeze in.

The 'She Wants To Move' hitmaker tried to squeeze into a tight spot.

"That truck was never going to fit," Roxana told Business Insider.

Despite having to give up on his parking attempt, Roxana said 'we all had a good laugh' - Pharrell included.

The photos of the A-list celebrity parking his car have since gone viral, with the term 'Pharralel park' having since been coined.

Roxana captioned the photos shared to her Instagram page: "A viral moment! Sorry @pharrell. Now the world knows you need to learn how to pharrallel park."

Pharrell cut it close to hitting the other car.

"Pharralel parkkk I’m deadddd," one person replied, as a second added: "Love the Pharrarell Park hahaha."

Someone else quipped on X: "Pharrell Williams was spotted having trouble parking his new Cybertruck at the Design District. He couldn't pharrellel park."

Elsewhere, others empathized with the fact the singer struggled to park the car as the Cybertruck is almost 20ft long.

"I mean, I’d struggle parking that thing too," someone wrote.

Maybe it's time for Pharrell to invest in a Mini Cooper instead?

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