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Cybertruck owner considers selling it already after driver's response to his car
Featured Image Credit: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images

Cybertruck owner considers selling it already after driver's response to his car

The fellow motorist isn't a Cybertruck fan, clearly

While the highly anticipated Cybertruck has only been released in recent months, one owner is already questioning if to sell their vehicle.

The first deliveries of Teslas first truck were made in November 2023, with over two million people said to have had one of the cars on pre-order.

The likes of Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian have since been spotted driving the chunky luxury motor, as well as 'Happy' hitmaker Pharrell Williams.

While they looked contented with their purchases, some Cybertruck owners are already questioning if to sell their cars.

The price of the high-tech trucks start at $80,000.

But it seems not everyone is a fan.

Taking to Reddit to ask for people's opinions, one motorist explained that they'd received a negative response to their futuristic vehicle from a fellow driver.

"Got my first thumbs down," they wrote on a Cybertruck-dedicated page.

"Guy rolled his window down and everything, really made sure I saw it. Think I should get rid of the CT???"

The post has received a mix response from Redditors; some have said he should sell the car, while others urged him to ignore other people's opinions.

Over two million people pre-ordered Tesla's Cybertruck.
Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu via Getty Images

Sharing their advice on how they think he should have responded to the man's thumbs down, someone said: "Put on your sunglasses, roll window down and smile with a sh*t-eating grin."

"Give him a thumbs up and an excited smile as if you are some foreigner who does not understand. That really confuses those with the finger. Kill with kindness too," penned another.

"You’ll never meet a hater doing better than you," insisted someone else.

Elsewhere, people were more in favor with the idea of him flogging the car.

"It’s definitely totaled. I’d see how much you can get a scrap yard for the stainless steel and cut your losses," wrote one.

Another person quipped: "Get rid of it brotha. It's been proven that a thumbs down can decrease your lifespan by up to 50%."

"Yes. Get rid of it. Sell it for $20k profit," added a different Redditor.

However, if the guy were to sell it so soon, he could face a hefty fine from Tesla.

In the terms and conditions of purchasing the car, it outlines that customers could face a $50,000 fine for reselling the truck within a year of purchase.

Part of the contract explains explain that if you resell the car without Tesla's consent, the car manufacturer 'may seek injunctive relief to prevent the transfer of title of the Vehicle or demand liquidated damages from you in the amount of $50,000 or the value received as consideration for the sale or transfer, whichever is greater'.


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