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Woman runs into open parking space to stop car pulling in and leaves people outraged

Woman runs into open parking space to stop car pulling in and leaves people outraged

The clip shows a woman running into an empty parking space ahead of a car to 'reserve' it

Anyone who has either given in to or witnessed road rage understands how driving can often bring out the worst in people.

Now one video has caused fury online, showing someone taking liberties when it comes to securing a parking space.

If people leaving their towels on sun loungers on holiday makes your blood boil then take a deep breath, this could be stressful.

The video, which has since been deleted, was uploaded to TikTok, and shows dashcam footage from a car as it looks for a space in a busy car park.

But just as the car is about to turn into an empty spot, a woman can be seen darting out in front and into the empty spot in a bid to 'reserve' it.

The driver and passenger were left stunned as the woman refused to move out of the space, even though their car was already pulling into it.

She was then joined by another woman, and during the resulting verbal exchange they even accused the car of being 'in the way'.

Finding a parking space can be a nightmare.
D&C Photography / Getty

Eventually the exasperated driver and passenger gave up, figuring it was simply a waste of time to keep arguing.

But others took a very different view, saying that they would be in for the long haul if they found themselves in such a scenario.

People were absolutely fuming at the exchange, and took to social media to side with the driver.

One wrote: "I would die of old age behind the wheel of my car before I let this standing person have the parking spot.

"I would adopt a child, raise them in the car, and pass my grudge onto them, and they to their child, for a thousand generations."

People shared how they would have handled the situation.
Peter Dazeley / Getty

A second said: "It's better to be patient, considerate, and mindful of other drivers, and to look for legal and courteous ways to find a good parking spot."

A third commented: "Oh I can’t make you move? well you can’t make me move my car either! guess we’re both dying here."

But someone else took a more diplomatic approach, pointing out that it might be acceptable sometimes.

They wrote: "Never heard of 'reserving parking spot by standing'

"I'm divided on it. I think it's okay only if the person is handicapped and there are no handicapped spots.

"Personally, if I ever was in this situation, I would just find another spot, I don't want conflict."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brayduece1

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