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Paul Rudd celebrates his birthday today and people still can’t accept his age

Paul Rudd celebrates his birthday today and people still can’t accept his age

Happy birthday, Paul Rudd!

It’s that time of year again where the internet collectively asks: Is Paul Rudd a vampire?

April 6 is a day where fans across the globe gets to look at copious amounts of pictures of Rudd to spot any sign that another year has aged on his face.

And spoiler - it hasn’t.

Even though the beloved actor has turned 56 today (happy birthday!), fans are constantly reminded of his youthful appearance.

I mean, how does one man just stop aging?

The man simply hasn’t aged in decades.

As it’s been a running joke for years, the actor finally answered this question to appease our curiosity.

Paul Rudd ages like fine wine.
Lia Toby/Getty Images

Considering he’s been in showbiz since the early 1990s, we have more than enough photographic evidence to show just how slow his aging has been.

A few years ago, during a Clueless reunion in 2019, Rudd was asked about he still look as young as he did in 1995 when the movie came out.

He replied: “I’m 80 years old on the inside. In here, pure darkness — and a little moisturizer.”

Offering a similar answer, he revealed to Instyle in 2022 that he wears sunscreen - though not for any anti-ageing effects but because 'I don't want to get skin cancer'.

In 2021 when he was promoting Ghostbusters: Afterlife, he also said of his youthful appearance: “This is all done with smoke and mirrors. I’m a hologram.”

People can't believe his age.
Marvel Studios / FlixPix / Alamy Stock Photo

And in 2023, Rudd’s interview with Men’s Health, he totted sleep as being the most important thing that’s keeping him rejuvenated.

He explained: “Sleep. Then diet. Then weights. Then cardio. The most important part of training is sleep."

But social media users don’t believe these realistic things for one second.

Instead, rumours about him being a vampire, having made a deal with the devil or drinking the elixir of life are currently the top-runners in what could be causing his eternal youth.

Because…how is he so young?

And X (formerly Twitter) users commented on his youth now that Rudd has aged one more year.

Rudd has been in showbiz for years.
Universal Pictures

A user wrote: “One thing I never think about is the fact that Paul Rudd is married and has 2 kids. Maybe it’s his immortal youthfulness, but he just doesn’t seem old enough for all that. (Yes I know he’s in his 50s)”

Another said: “Paul Rudd does not age.”

Now ain’t that the truth.

And some people just love this time of year, as one commenter penned: “I love when the "Paul Rudd is a vampire" discourse starts up.”

Meanwhile, another user said: “Paul Rudd is one of the few white people who didn’t age like spoiled milk, mans looks no older than 40.”

And a fifth exclaimed: “Ok I’m now fully subscribed to the Paul Rudd is a vampire theory - like HE JUST DOESN’T AGE. Who ya gonna call? Gh… Buffy the Vampire Slayer?”

So, which one is it? Is he actually a vampire?

Featured Image Credit: Karwai Tang / Contributor

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