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MrBeast calls out fans after backlash over building 100 homes for ‘views’

MrBeast calls out fans after backlash over building 100 homes for ‘views’

MrBeast documented his recent charitable efforts in a video uploaded to his YouTube channel

MrBeast's newest video has left some people divided.

On Sunday (June 30), the famous YouTuber uploaded a new video to his channel which has already amassed a whopping 57 million views.

In the video, MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - showcases his recent philanthropic efforts where he built homes and gave them away to those in need.

Not only did he foot the bill for the construction of the new houses, Donaldson also had them kitted out with furniture to turn them into proper homes.

In the video, some of the families who were gifted the properties are shown blindfolded and their reactions were caught on camera when they saw their new homes.

Donaldson built a total of 100 homes across communities in need in places such as El Salvador, Argentina and Colombia.

Hundreds of his fans have since applauded him for his generosity documented in his recent YouTube video.

"Jimmy deserves a humanitarian award for making the world a better place," one person said.

"At this point, Jimmy deserves a Nobel peace prize," echoed a second.

Another person gushed: "Imagine if billionaires cared about other people the way Jimmy does, the world would be a much better place."

But not all comments have been positive.

Someone wrote on Reddit: "Get weird vibes from this it's just a huge PR stunt. But families getting a home is worth the PR."

"Most houses have been placed on shoddy pillars," argued another. "No one feels like this could be dangerous? I'm thankful MrBeast is doing charity but pumping 100 houses as fast as possible makes me feel quality will feel subpar."

Another divided fan said: "Part of me says using poor people for views is horrible. Other part says at least some people now have a roof over their head!"

In light of some of the backlash he's received, Donaldson has now responded on social media.

The YouTuber has responded to the backlash. (MrBeast/X)
The YouTuber has responded to the backlash. (MrBeast/X)

He penned on X: "When we help people (curing 1000 blind people, building 100 houses, 100 wells, etc) people get mad and say I shouldn’t be doing this and governments should. Yes, ideally a YouTuber isn’t the one fixing these issues but I’m not just gonna stand by and do nothing."

MrBeast's home building efforts comes shortly after the YouTube star recently gave away 10 luxury cars to fans in Australia.

The massive giveaway was part of MrBeast's launch of his chocolate brand Feastables, and some of the cars up for grabs included a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan and a 2020 Ford Mustang R Spec.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/mrbeast

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