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Miranda Cosgrove says she’s never been drunk or smoked in her ‘entire life’
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@joshpeck

Miranda Cosgrove says she’s never been drunk or smoked in her ‘entire life’

The School of Rock star said that she has never drank more than a couple of sips of alcohol

Miranda Cosgrove has revealed that she has never been drunk or smoked.

The actress played class factotum and band manager Summer Hathaway in School of Rock, but revealed that she has not indulged in rock 'n' roll vice of alcohol in an appearance on Good Guys podcast.

Nonetheless, 30-year-old shared that she is still 'open to it'.

She told host Josh Peck on Monday: “I’ve never been drunk in my entire life. Crazy."

Peck has previously opened up about his journey with sobriety, and has been sober since 2008.

But the host was left shocked by Cosgrove's reply to his drinking question.

Laughing, he said: “Someone get this girl sh*t-housed, would ya?”

Cosgrove went on to clarify that she has drunk alcohol, but never enough to be even close to getting drunk.

She said: “I’ve sipped things before, but, like, two sips.”

The actress explained she doesn't have a 'good reason' to not drink, and that she didn't even get drunk while at college at USC.

Cosgrove revealed she has never been drunk.
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Explaining why she thinks she hasn't been drunk, she said: “I think it started off because I was always the designated driver when I went out with my friends, and I sort of liked taking on that role and got used to it and just kind of stuck with it forever."

Nonetheless, she did say that she is 'planning' to drink at some point, though she conceded her 30th birthday would have been a good opportunity.

She said: “I’m still planning on [drinking] at some point … even though I’m 30. … I should’ve done it on my birthday, my 30th."

But although she has never gotten drunk, Cosgrove did share that she once indulged in a special brownie.

“And I fell asleep for 17 hours. I woke up super rested", she said.

Peck has opened up about his own journey with sobriety, and called it 'the bedrock of my life'.

Cosgrove did reveal that she has eaten a special brownie.
Raymond Hall/GC Images

He told Page Six: “I’m lucky to have found recovery through a 12 steps program almost 14 years ago and it’s something that I still do regularly to this day.

“It gives me a lot of structure in my life. It’s really the bedrock of my life and from it, all these wonderful things have been built.”

There is a lot of pressure on people to drink alcohol, particularly as a rite of passage at stages in life such as college, and as a part of many social interactions.

So choosing not to, or simply not getting round to it, can be a big decision.

Many reports also suggest that young people are drinking less than their older peers, with Gen-Z in particular having more people who choose not to drink at all.

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