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Mia Khalifa left in tears by what man’s girlfriend says to her after he asks for a photo
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/AnthonyPadilla

Mia Khalifa left in tears by what man’s girlfriend says to her after he asks for a photo

"I didn't really know how to handle it."

Mia Khalifa has opened up about being left in tears by a man's girlfriend after he asked for a photograph.

The former adult film star broke out of the industry just two weeks after having signed a contract with Bang Bros' parent company, WGCZ Holding in January 2015.

Khalifa's since gone on to start a jewelry and bodywear brand and try to live a more normal life, alas, that doesn't mean her fame from the adult film industry hasn't followed her.

On an episode of Anthony Padilla's podcast in August, 2020, Khalifa opened up about a moment where she was subject to some unwanted attention from some supposed fans.

She explains: "I was in a business meeting in London and I was there with a company that I had just signed with. It was the two men who were the heads of the company and my manager at the time.

"We were just sitting down celebrating having just done a great press tour for the project we were working on, and I get come up to by this guy and his girlfriend.

"We were interrupted in the middle of talking and eating. He said, 'Hey, Mia Khalifa, can I get a picture with you?'"

Khalifa was asked for a photograph by a man while eating with her new management.
Getty Images/ Edward Berthelot

Khalifa says she looked at the man and declined his request because she was still eating with her new management team.

"I said it just like that. It was a rude way but it was also very rude for him to come up while someone was actively in the middle of a conversation," she notes.

Unfortunately, her refusal prompted a less than pleasant comment from the man's girlfriend.

Khalifa continues: "After I said that, his girlfriend who was standing next to him grabbed him by the arm and said, 'I told you that wasn't her. There's not enough c*m on her face. Let's go, babe.'"

The interaction led to Khalifa getting up from her meal and going to the bathroom where she broke down in tears.

"I didn't really know how to handle it," she adds. "Especially because it came from a woman and especially because I was there for business and it was something that had nothing to do with the adult industry."

The woman's comments led Khalifa to feel 'very dejected and embarrassed' and felt like the people from the company she'd just signed with would 'never want to work with [her] again'.

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