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YouTuber who 'dated Matt Rife' says seven women formed group chat to expose him for dating them at same time

YouTuber who 'dated Matt Rife' says seven women formed group chat to expose him for dating them at same time

Podcaster Brooke Schofield described how she joined a WhatsApp group of women who said they had been dating Rife at around the same time

A woman who says she dated Matt Rife claims she was added to a group chat of women who claimed to have been dating him at the same time.

Rife plopped into the public eye after a Netflix special saw him making a joke about domestic violence.

The stand-up has also been criticised after admitting that he had deliberately aimed his Netflix show at men after he was 'ridiculed' for having a large female fanbase.

Now, podcaster Brooke Schofield has claimed she's part of a WhatsApp group of women who had all dated Rife at the same time.

Schofield - who has spoken about an anonymous lover called 'Mr DC' on her podcast Cancelled with Tana Mongeau - has now come out and claimed this man is Matt Rife.

She accused the comedian of 'love-bombing' her when the pair were dating. This is where a partner shows a large amount of love and affection initially, before suddenly withdrawing it.

She told her podcast co-host Mongeau: “I wouldn’t say he was my ex or anything because it wasn’t like this serious relationship, but it wasn’t just hooking up with him — I really liked him.

Matt Rife is once again in the midst of controversy.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

“He was the one initiating the conversations that were like: ‘I haven’t felt this way about anybody in so long’ and just like… I mean, to anyone with common sense, it’s love bombing but I had, at that point, lost all of my marbles.”

Schofield explained that when she eventually broke things off with Rife, she felt he had been respectful and 'hit all the points'.

Things became awkward when Rife appeared on the pair's podcast, and didn't seem to acknowledge that they had some history.

Shortly afterwards, Schofield said she saw a TikTok video from a woman also claiming to have dated Rife, and that the timelines seemed suspicious.

After contacting the woman, she was added to a WhatsApp chat with other women who claimed to have dated Rife.

She said: “There were timelines, there were Venn diagrams, we were comparing notes.

“I’m telling you, Tana, for a man who doesn’t have time, this man had the most time.”

Things only got worse in the wake of Rife's appearance on the Stiff Socks podcast.

Schofield claimed she was in a WhatsApp group with other women who had dated Rife.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

During his appearance, he referred to his preferences around his partner's genitals, saying: "I don’t want to look down and feel like God left the tag on you.”

What a charmer.

Brooke said: “He goes on to say that he is disgusted by ‘outie’ vaginas, like, girls who have ‘outie’ vaginas, because ‘it looks like God left the tag on them.’

"Now, I’m going to give you guys the Cancelled exclusive here, but I, Brooke Schofield, have an ‘outie’ vagina, OK?”

She added: “Imagine how I felt, he literally just went on a podcast and was like: ‘Yeah, I’m f**king repulsed by this b*tch'.”

Rife has since allegedly told a six-year-old that his mom buys his Christmas gifts with the proceeds from her OnlyFans account, in a seeming attempt to dig a very deep hole for himself.

UNILAD has reached out to representatives of Matt Rife for comment.

Featured Image Credit: CANCELLED with Tana Mongeau / Netflix

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