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Larsa Pippen ‘traumatized' over Michael Jordan comments on relationship with Marcus
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@heirmj523/ Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for American Express Presents Carbone Beach

Larsa Pippen ‘traumatized' over Michael Jordan comments on relationship with Marcus

She's said she was left 'embarrassed' over his remark

Larsa Pippen has said she was left feeling ‘traumatized’ and ‘embarrassed’ over comments Michael Jordan made about her relationship with his son, Marcus.

Larsa, 49, got married to Jordan’s one-time Chicago Bulls teammate star Scottie Pippen at the height of his NBA career back in 1997.

However their pair, finally called it quits in 2021 when their divorce was finalized.

In September, it was revealed that Larsa had started a relationship with 32-year-old Marcus.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marcus insisted that his family were on board with the relationship, saying: “Well, we spent some time together during the holidays.

“She came and visited some of my family, I visited some of her family, so I think that’s kinda what, once we realized our families were okay with it, then I feel like that was easier for us.”

He continued: “We spent Thanksgiving together last year and you know my family loves her. They think she’s great.

“Ultimately, I think my family just want to see me happy. And so as long as I’m happy, they’re happy with, you know, where I’m living.”

Marcus Jordan has said his family are on board with the relationship.

However, his words seem to be at odds with what his basketball legend dad said when he was recently asked about the relationship.

After having dinner at Matignon in Paris, the NBA star was asked by reporters he was in favour of the relationship. He initially laughed it off before being asked again, which is when he flat out said: “No”.

And it seems his answer has not gone down well with Larsa who has said the situation left her feeling ‘embarrassed’ and like she’d lied.

Speaking on their podcast Separation Anxiety, Marcus and Larsa shared their opinions on Jordan’s remark, with his son insisting it was most likely a tongue-in-cheek throwaway comment.

Marcus said he was ‘dying laughing’ at the comment, saying it was ‘hilarious’ and adding, ‘Because I know my dad, right?’

Larsa Pippen is currently dating Michael Jordan's son, Marcus.

But Larsa was much less impressed, revealing: "I didn't think it was funny. There's nothing funny about it."

"I was kind of embarrassed," she added.

Larsa went on to say her problems with the comment were due to previous conversations she’d had with the family, in which they’d reassured her the Jordans had no problem with the relationship.

"I was like traumatized," she said. "I'm like, 'Oh, my God. What are we going to do?' People think I lied."

Marcus went on to say that his famous dad had reached out to the couple since making the remark and had, once again, insisted he was fine with the relationship.

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