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Michael Jordan’s son Marcus insists his family are fine with his relationship with Larsa Pippen

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus insists his family are fine with his relationship with Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan has explained his family's response to his relationship with Larsa Pippen.

Michael Jordan’s son has said his family are totally fine with his relationship with Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife, Larsa Pippen.

The basketball duo of Michael Jordan, 60, and Scottie Pippen, 57, are considered one of the game’s greatest partnerships. Together they won six NBA titles during their stint with the Chicago Bulls.

Pippen and Larsa, 49, tied the knot in 1997 during the height of his basketball career, however, they called it quits in 2021 when their divorce was finalised.

Larsa Pippen is currently dating Michael Jordan's son, Marcus.

Now, Larsa is in a new relationship with the son of her ex-husband’s basketball teammate, Marcus Jordan.

Although the dynamic may sound awkward to some, especially NBA superfans, the 32-year-old has insisted that his family are on board with the relationship.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Marcus explained: ‘Well, we spent some time together during the holidays.

“She came and visited some of my family, I visited some of her family, so I think that’s kinda what, once we realised our families were okay with it, then I feel like that was easier for us.”

Marcus Jordan wished Larsa Pippen a happy birthday.

He continued: “We spent Thanksgiving together last year and you know my family loves her. They think she’s great.

“Ultimately, I think my family just want to see me happy. And so as long as I’m happy, they’re happy with, you know, where I’m living.”

The news comes after Michael Jordan was asked about his son's new romance earlier this month by paparazzi. After having dinner at Matignon in Paris, the NBA star initially laughed it off before being asked again, which is when he flat out said: “No”.

Michael Jordan’s second son took to Instagram on Thursday (6 July) to wish his girlfriend a happy birthday in a series of Story posts. He captioned one of the pictures: “Happy birthday to my babygirl," followed by a heart emoji.

Another post showed the loved-up pair enjoying drinks, while another showed the couple celebrating Halloween.

Marcus Jordan's family are on board with the relationship.

The couple also revealed to ET how their relationship blossomed. "We had just started hanging out as friends, I feel like that’s kinda what the motivational thing for us, we were like, 'OK fine, now we're dating, so now should we tell everyone?'" The Real Housewives of Miami star told ET.

Larsa also cleared up misconceptions about their dating life which they discuss in more detail on their joint podcast, Separation Anxiety.

"I feel like a lot was being said about us all the time [and] I feel like there's so much said about me that I've always been like, 'That's so not true, that's not true,'" Larsa said. "So I figured, 'Hey, let's do a podcast so we can basically give our opinions [and] state facts 'cause a lot of stuff that they say is inaccurate.'"

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