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Fans defend Kylie Jenner after cruel trolls slam her for debuting ‘natural’ look
Featured Image Credit: Swan Gallet/WWD via Getty Images / Marc Piasecki/WireImage

Fans defend Kylie Jenner after cruel trolls slam her for debuting ‘natural’ look

Trolls took to the comment section to attack Jenner for using a 'natural' look on her make-up

Kylie Jenner attended Paris Fashion Week this week, but trolls were not happy with her look.

Jenner wore a sheer white dress, with her curled hair down and a natural makeup look when attending the Simone Rocha and Jean Paul Gautier show on Wednesday (January 24).

The star, who is rumoured to be the dating star of Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet, looked stunning for the red carpet event.

But this being the internet of course, some people took a different view.

You may not think that it's particularly important what style of make-up someone chooses to wear at a public event, but that doesn't seem to be the same case for everyone.

But the internet never misses the chance to painstakingly scrutinise a woman who is in heavily in the public eye.

A video showed the Kardashians star at the event did the rounds on social media, and people have been piling in to share their opinions.

And - spoiler alert - a lot of them were less than kind.

Trolls went for Kylie Jenner after she appeared at Paris Fashion Week.
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

One person tweeted: "Looks like her face is falling apart."

A second wrote: "We’re seeing in real time what long term filler usage does as you age."

Another decided to offer some alleged insight, writing: "Filler migrates. In other words it MOVES.

"So where it was one placed, it will eventually end up somewhere else and this makes you look disfigured, older or different."


But fans quickly rallied to the defence of the reality TV star, and slammed the cruel comments from the trolls.

One person asked: "Her face looks normal to me. Is there something specific we should be looking at?"

Another pointed out: "No. She just got older. As people usually do."

A third wrote: "What’s wild is she looks normal but y’all are so used to Facetune that you forget it's perfectly normal to have shadows on your face when 100 different cameras and 100 different flashes are on your face."

A fourth replied that they 'don't see any problems here', adding that they think she's 'ageing like a fine wine'.

While another pointed out the double standards for men in the same position, writing: "Everyone that is calling Kylie Jenner out for having skin that they deem as 'old for her age' is proof that women cannot age without being discarded and labeled as expired.

"We do not hold these same beliefs to men and it is incredibly frustrating to see."

Well said.

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