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Woman hits back at critics after holding sign at Joe Jonas concert that was ‘offensive’ to boyfriend
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@nancyvillaro

Woman hits back at critics after holding sign at Joe Jonas concert that was ‘offensive’ to boyfriend

People called out the fan after she turned up to a Joe Jonas concert with a sign which they felt was disrespectful to her boyfriend

A woman has hit back after the sign she took to a Joe Jonas concert caused outrage online.

The woman had been to see the musician performing, and as many fans often do had taken along a sign in the hope that Joe Jonas would notice it.

After the gig she went online and posted the sign to her Instagram account, along with a video of Jonas actually seeing and reacting to the sign.

But the contents of the sign left many people less than impressed, and they took to the comments to share their disapproval.

So what exactly did this sign say?

Well, it read: "Joe, why'd you invite so many people to our date?"

The post was captioned with: "Someone tell @joejonas that I’m ready for our makeup date."

That all seems innocent enough, but many people were unimpressed after getting the impression that she had a boyfriend, and wondered if this was appropriate behaviour.

They went into the comments to share their disapproval.

Here we go...

The sign in question.
Instagram / ncyvillaro

One person replied: "Your boyfriend deserves better", while another posted: "Doing this while having a man is cray."

One person pointed out what they thought was a double standard if the scenario had been reversed, writing: "If a man did this to another woman while having a girlfriend every girl would be calling for his head."

But how has she responded to the comments?

Well, she and her boyfriend posted a video of themselves dancing together a few days after the original post went viral.

So, it seems that this wasn't really that big of a deal after all.

Other people had also come to her defence.

One person took to the comments to defend her, saying: "You guys never had a celebrity crush or what?? I’m married and still will f*cking die if one of the Jonas Brothers will notice me! Get over it and fix your relationships and yourself!"

She filmed Joe Jonas' reaction.
Instagram / ncyvillaro

Another hit out at the people who were calling her out for the sign, calling them 'insecure', and pointing out this was clearly not a serious attempt to woo Joe Jonas.

They wrote: "Some real insecure dudes in these comments think she's actually trying to get laid."

Another said they thought the sign was just harmless fun, writing: "What's wrong with a girl having fun? If this was my girl I'd be happy she got to experience this. Something a lot of people never get to experience"

Amidst all the back and forth, one person was just there to cause chaos, joking: "I really thought this was gonna be about Joe Biden. Am disappointed."

Do you think taking the sign was appropriate?

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