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Blunt texts between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg talking about having a fight have leaked

Blunt texts between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg talking about having a fight have leaked

Elon Musk's biographer says he got to see texts of the Twitter boss and Zuckerberg discussing their fight

Elon Musk's biographer has shared screenshots of texts which are supposed to be between the Tesla boss and Mark Zuckerberg discussing their rumored fight.

As much as we'd all enjoy watching the billionaires try to beat the stuffing out of each other it looks like the much touted fight between the two might not be happening.

While Musk has claimed that the fight is on and will be live-streamed on his social media platform the word from Zuckerberg's camp is that the Twitter boss hasn't been really serious.

The Facebook founder said he's not 'holding his breath' for actual details of a fight to be agreed upon and claimed that he's looking for a 'real MMA fight'.

Alleged text messages between the two showed that he told Musk to 'decide you're going to do this and do it soon' and said if the 52-year-old wasn't ready to do that 'we should move on'.

Musk's biographer shared the messages he'd been sent of the tech billionaires discussing the fight.

The messages were shared on Twitter by Walter Isaacson, who has written a biography on Elon Musk which is set to be released in September, as part of a screenshot of a text chat between himself and his subject.

It looks as though Musk sent through a chunk of the exchange he'd had with Zuckerberg, with Isaacson replying 'wow' and Musk sending back a laughing face emoji.

Zuckerberg took to Threads, one of his social media sites, to say he offered up a date for the fight but Musk 'won't confirm a date', claimed the Twitter boss 'says he needs surgery' and called out the offer to have a 'practise round in my backyard'.

He said he was 'going to focus on competing with people who take the sport seriously', so it seems as though he reckons that Musk is all talk and no trousers.

Musk has since responded by calling his would-be opponent a 'chicken', and claiming that the Facebook founder couldn't eat chicken 'because that would be cannibalism'.

The Facebook founder has said he doesn't think Musk is really serious about having a 'legit competition'.
Threads/Mark Zuckerberg

UFC boss Dana White has been saying that this fight could still happen, claiming that they've talked with Italian officials about the possibility of holding it in the Colosseum.

White claimed he 'did have a meeting with the Minister of Culture's team' though there had been no formal agreement.

He estimated that the battle of the billionaires could bring in more than a billion dollars in revenue and to top a spectacle like that 'Trump would have to fight Putin'.

Where we are now is Zuckerberg saying that Musk's not taking the fight seriously and unless he does it's time to stop wasting time on this, while Musk says he wants to have a practise fight with Zuckerberg in his own backyard.

This apparent bluster is not exactly bolstering the chances that we might one day see the two step into the octagon for an actual fight, unless something changes it looks like the fight is off.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@zuck/Twitter/Walter Isaacson/Chesnot / Contributor

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