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Drake responds after extremely x-rated video allegedly of the rapper goes viral

Drake responds after extremely x-rated video allegedly of the rapper goes viral


Drake has responded to an x-rated video rumored to be of him going viral.

The 'One Dance' singer and rapper began trending on X - formerly known as Twitter - last night (5 February).

Why? Well, because a certain revealing video ended up being spread round, some people saying the 37-year-old had a pretty starring and, well, big role in it.

Drake may record himself showing off a 'day in a life' around his multi-million dollar mansion, but apparently he's also now videoed himself showing off another pride of his entirely.

The video - shared by an unknown person - showed the bottom half of a man exposed and Drake's name ended up being brought into the equation.

And it didn't take long for fans of the rapper to flood to social media in shock.

One X user wrote: "Wdym drake got lea… OH MY GOSH," as Another said: "How do I unseen it."


And a fourth added: "Drake is trending but it's not about music."

Drake has been trending on social media.
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty

But what's Drake said about it all?

\Well, Kick streamer Adin Ross thought he'd go direct to the source and asked Drake himself whether the man in the video is actually him.

Ross recorded himself live on one of his streams recording a voice note to the star.

He questions: "Yeah, bro, I'm still alive bro. We was just looking at the s**t. It's like crazy bro, like god damn.

"You're blessed with your voice, you're blessed with performing, you're blessed to be you, you're blessed to be number one and you're also blessed to have a f**king missile."

And apparently, according to Ross, Drake responded to him. Warning: Explicit language:

Adin said Drake 'texted' him back and 'put like eight laughing emojis', before suggesting he might use the Kick streamer's voice note as his 'next album intro'.

What that means, who knows, but it sounds like Drake's isn't too fussed about the video either way.

And fans of the musician are flooding to X in stitches over his supposed response.

A user wrote: "So it's him," while a second added: "That would make a great album intro."

A third chimed: "That as an intro for his abum will be fire ngl."

And a final resolved: "This is why I love him."

UNILAD has contacted Drake's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty

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