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NFL star Darius Slay begs Taylor Swift not to come to Chiefs game against the Eagles

NFL star Darius Slay begs Taylor Swift not to come to Chiefs game against the Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles cornerback says Swift is on a winning streak at the moment.

Taylor Swift has been warned not to come to Travis Kelce's NFL game in November.

The pop star has attended two matches in as many weeks and each time the Kansas City Chiefs have won.

There are now fears in some NFL circles that Swift is giving Kelce's team a motivational boost.

Kansas City is taking on the Philadelphia on November 20 and Eagles cornerback Darius Slay is begging for the 'Wildest Dreams' singer to stay at home.

During Darius' Big Play Slay podcast, he said: "Taylor Swift, she might not miss a game this year, she might not. And it looks like they [the Chiefs] 2-0 with her.

“When we play her, I know we play them home. Taylor, do not come to the game.

"Do not come to the game cause you seem like you bring the energy of winning, so do not come to that game.”

The Chiefs will be playing the Minnesota Vikings next on October 9 and everyone is wondering whether Swift will make it three from three.

She's attracted a lot of attention for attending just two matches.

When the Chiefs played the Jets at MetLife Stadium, the NFL saw the highest viewership for a Sunday night game since the Super Bowl in February.

There's no denying that loads of people tuned in just to see if Swift would be there.

The cameras jumped to her more than a dozen times during the game and the NFL has been hyping her up ever since.

However, the tide might be turning against this recent trend.

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

NFL fans took to X - formerly known as Twitter - to share their thoughts on Swift's apparent newfound love of football (and football's love of Swift).

In a question directed at NBC, one person wrote: "Are you going to stop showing Taylor Swift and focus on the game?"

"How many times does @SNFonNBC plan on showing Taylor Swift tonight?" another asked.

"NBC showing Taylor swift every 35 seconds finally justifies my hatred for the chiefs," fumed someone else.

In light of the host of celebs that have been joining Swift at the games, Kelce's brother, fellow footballer Jason Kelce, urged the NFL not to go 'overboard' with the coverage of the stars.

"I just think the NFL is not used to celebrities coming to the games," the Philadelphia Eagles player said.

Featured Image Credit: David Eulitt/Getty Images. Big Slay Podcast

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