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Brother destroys OnlyFans influencer sister after she criticizes him for not doing well at school

Brother destroys OnlyFans influencer sister after she criticizes him for not doing well at school

OnlyFans star Camilla Araujo was roasted by her brother after she criticized him for not doing well at school.

A younger brother has destroyed his OnlyFans influencer sister after she slammed him for not doing well at school.

Camilla Araujo - a prominent creator on the adult site - has never been far away from the headlines after appearing in MrBeast's Squid Game.

The YouTuber has the most subscribed channel on the popular video platform, with millions of followers watching his content every single day. And those who have appeared on his channel, particularly the big challenge videos, often see newfound fame.

Camilla Araujo rose to fame after appearing on MrBeast's version of Squid Game.

Well, Araujo is one of those to have wasted no time in using her fame to make a few extra dollars.

While the OnlyFans star didn't win MrBeast's $456,000 YouTube version of the popular Netflix show, she very much won thousands of fans' hearts.

Heck, Araujo went from 7,000 followers on Instagram in 2021 to over 700,000 currently.

Since her appearance on MrBeast's Squid Game, Araujo has set up an OnlyFans account, which has certainly made some headlines.

During a recent podcast segment, Araujo asked her brother if she was a good sister - with the little bro claiming she was always mean to him. To be honest, Araujo did admit to this - well, in her own way anyway. Check it out:

"I’m mean to you when you fail your f**king classes, yeah!" she said.

The siblings then had a quick back and forth as to whether a D grade is a good grade, which led to her bother hitting back in a rather unexpected way.

"You’re literally doing OnlyFans!' he venously shot back.

"Your career is in OnlyFans. You can’t be talking sh*t. You’re selling pictures of whatever. You can’t be saying sh*t. All that studying was for what?"

Araujo was left in complete shock and stunned into silence after her brother roasted her, and that's where the podcast clip finished.

However, it appears that the pair's relationship is not ruined - and this was just a typical sibling squabble.

He absolutely roasted his older sister.

"I was p**sed at her because she was talking about something that p**sed me off," he said. "Okay, that’s all."

Araujo then chimed in, saying: "How am I a bad influence if I’m telling him to be better than me?

"Y’all just want to find anything to get mad about. I’m telling him to get better grades, go to college, do something."

Last year, the OnlyFans model was also criticized for filming a promo with her younger brother.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@realcamillaara

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