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Bobbi Althoff responds after x-rated AI deepfake video of her goes viral
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@bobbialthoff

Bobbi Althoff responds after x-rated AI deepfake video of her goes viral

The US podcaster has been the target of AI deepfakes

US podcaster Bobbi Althoff has responded after AI deepfake images were leaked of her online.

Althoff became the latest celebrity to be targeted by deep fakes, with Taylor Swift being targeted earlier this year and the singer reportedly considering legal action.

Explicit content featuring Althoff's image was shared online and quickly went viral.

Fake AI images of Bobbi Althoff have gone viral.
Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images

Social media users who have come across the clip have slammed its creation and rushed to defend Althoff, with viewers describing the clip as 'disgusting'.

One person wrote: "Guys there’s a deepfake/AI video going around of bobbi althoff and it’s extremely disgusting. I don’t think she has twitter so i sent an email to her team about it and to her instagram."

They added: "This is so sad, AI is being used against women & girls, i [really] hope she takes legal action."

Another angry X user commented: "who tf created a Bobbi Althoff deep fake leak video???? ur f**king disgusting."

Others stressed that the alleged leak is a sign that change is needed, writing: "Bobbi Athoff leaks remind us the dangers of deepfake videos."

Another shared: "The bobbi althoff, adin ross, rubi rose, and sydney sweeney leaks should concern everyone about the effects of deepfake ai sh*t ain’t funny."

Now, Althoff herself has spoken out about the fake images.

Social media users have defended Althoff.

The Really Good Podcast host told her followers: "Hate to disappoint you all, but the reason I'm trending is 100% not me & is definitely AI generated."

While social media users have criticized the creation of the alleged deepfake, there are currently no federal laws in the US that prohibit the creation or sharing of deepfake images meaning there is little recourse for Althoff.

However in light of other celebrities also being targeted, critics and some lawmakers are pushing for change, and in January 2024 representatives including Florida Rep María Elvira Salazar proposed the No Artificial Intelligence Fake Replicas And Unauthorized Duplications (No AI FRAUD) Act.

The bill is intended to establish a federal framework to make it illegal to create a 'digital depiction' of any person, whether alive or dead, without permission.

The bill includes both the use of voice and appearance, and aims to to protect people against AI-generated fakes and forgeries.

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