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Fans call for action as Taylor Swift becomes victim of AI deepfake nudes
Featured Image Credit: Steve Granitz / Contributor/Jamie Squire / Staff

Fans call for action as Taylor Swift becomes victim of AI deepfake nudes

Swifties have come out in full force to defend the 'Shake It Off' star.

Taylor Swift is the latest victim of deepfake pornography, and her fanbase has come out in droves to defend her.

A voice or video deepfake is a non-consensual media created via Artificial Intelligence (AI) using a text prompt.

According to a recent report, around 500,000 were shared across social media last year, and it’s claimed that deepfake crime is on the rise.

Unfortunately, Taylor Swift has become the latest victim after a user created sexualised AI-generated photographs of her at a Kansas City Chiefs game.

These NFL-inspired fabricated porn pictures have been shared across various websites.

On Monday (January 22), the latter allegedly took down an X (formerly Twitter) post sharing the fake images because it violated the social media platform's guidelines.

According to Newsweek, another user posted the AI-generated images to their social media account and wrote: "My Taylor post went viral and now everyone is posting it."

In a separate update, he allegedly typed: "Bro, what have I done? They might pass new laws because of my Taylor Swift post. "

Taylor Swift has been the latest target of non-consensual AI-generated images.

"If Netflix did a documentary about AI pics they'd put me in it as a villain. It's never been so over."

The outlet reports that this user's tweets have since been protected, and only those who follow him may see further updates.

Fans have since taken to X to defend the 'Bad Blood' star and have called for action to be taken by the perpetrators.

One X user typed: "The Taylor Swift AI images are insane. Actually terrifying that they exist.

"Please report + don't give more attention to those tweets. some of these men really need to be locked in a cage and shipped off to Mars or smt."

Fans of the singer have since rallied against the images, calling them 'disgusting'.

A second wrote: "If the Taylor Swift AI photos come up on your feed and you care about protecting women AT ALL - please report the post. If you don’t grasp the depravity - seek a therapist."

“If you think sexualised non-consensual AI generated photos of Taylor Swift being spread online isn’t an issue I want you to think what that means for countless women and children who aren’t Taylor Swift who’ve also been subjected to digital rape and AI porn,” typed another.

A fourth called the images 'disgusting', adding: "Please PROTECT TAYLOR SWIFT."

While a fifth said: "Protect Taylor Swift from creepy assholes with an obsession with sexualizing women as AI."

UNILAD has reached out to representatives of Taylor Swift and X for further comment.

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