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AI creates 'average person' in every single US state and massively divides opinion

AI creates 'average person' in every single US state and massively divides opinion

Come on Delaware, what is this?

Are you wondering what AI thinks you look like?

It’s pretty weird that we have the technology at our disposal to be able to predict this, but at least now we can see exactly what AI thinks the average person looks like in each American state.

It’s also not the first time we’ve seen this and been utterly astounded by what the AI generated.

Nevertheless, here is how one AI engine thinks people from each of the 50 US states look like:

I mean, you can see how it can predict certain characteristics, like the Texas AI-generated person being a cowboy, but some of them are pretty weird.

For instance, California is depicted by nine women, while Arkansas looks like he's a financial sales ad guy.

Also, can someone tell me why Arkansas is pronounced like that while Kansas is pronounced like this?

Mr Hawaii seems like a pretty chill dude.

Anyway, while some states have the usual features for their stereotypical AI-generated person, there are others that scream ‘alien’.

Seriously, what is that Kansas person doing?

Iowans were also pretty annoyed that their title of being 'The Corn State' had been robbed from them by Kansas!

Florida, however, is just crazy.

A lizard thing? What is that?

While his hat is quite cool, his face…that face is a real monster.

I know Florida is home to alligators, so maybe AI blended a person with the reptile?

Meet the mythical Florida Man you keep hearing so much about.

Or perhaps they wanted him to look like the Kansas Corn Monster's distant relative, or even just a mesh of all things ‘Florida Man’ related.

That would definitely be more accurate.

However, Mr. Hawaii is the coolest dude I’ve ever seen, and I want to be friends with him now.

To be honest, a lot of the people look like we could be friends, except maybe those in Delaware…because, what in the dystopia is that?

Kansasians, please confirm you're not freaky corn monsters.

There was a definitely a general consensus that while many states had been done dirty, people thought that Utah had managed to come off semi-okay out of their AI depiction and there were quite a few wanting to meet Mr Utah.

I’ll pass on that one.

West Virginia was also apparently 'spot on' while others pointed out that the AI didn't seem to be representing women in the states well.

I don't mean to alarm you Delaware, but there's something on your back.

That’s because while there were nine California girls in one picture, there were only women shown in Arizona, Alaska, Nevada and Colorado too.

However, hats off to Tennessee, because that’s not only an artistic representation, but it looks like he’s surrounded by cotton candy.


At least this time Mr Maine isn't wearing a decorative lobster, that’s a plus right?

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ThrowRAConsistent

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