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Woman whose son is Beyonce's half-brother says he asks why she doesn't love him

Woman whose son is Beyonce's half-brother says he asks why she doesn't love him

Why Don't She Love Me? is what Queen B's half-bro is left asking after being forced to live in a trailer

Beyoncé might be smashing shows across the globe on her Renaissance world tour but apparently, her little half-brother doesn't hear a word from her.

Alexsandra Wright, 52, is the single mother of 13-year-old Nixon, who she had with Beyoncé’s father, Matthew Knowles.

The woman had a two-year relationship with Knowles but it ended shortly after their son was conceived in 2009. It was confirmed in a DNA test that Nixon is his son – of course making him Beyoncé’s half-brother.

Wright, the CEO of Global Collective, was eventually blamed for being the cause of his divorce to wife Tina - the 'Single Ladies’ singer’s mom.

Tina and Knowles also share a second singer daughter, Solange.

The single mom has now told The Sun that Nixon asks her of Beyoncé, with him saying: “Why doesn’t that person love me?”

She and Nixon moved into a mobile home when she went bankrupt in 2014 – living just 10 miles from the star’s mega Malibu mansion.

The singer is currently performing in her Renaissance world tour.
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Wright claims she split from Knowles just before he was fired as Beyoncé’s manager and claimed this caused her financial difficulty.

“We had joint credit cards and bank accounts and after the audit started, he just cut them off,” she said. “I left him, and he didn’t ever expect me to make that choice.”

“I ended it because I’m better than that.” Knowles has reportedly never met his son and doesn’t pay any child support to help with him.

But Nixon’s biggest difficulty with it all seems to be the lack of contact with his ‘Break My Soul’ big sister.

Wright said ‘there has not been any contact', claiming: “Nixon has never had the luxury of being a normal child. Being related to someone famous smothers kids like him, and they lose their identity.

“I sit in the bathroom and cry sometimes because I just don’t know how to help him be his own person.”

It’s been made particularly difficult for him as classmates and people at school are said to recognise him as the half-brother and will ask him about it.

Alexsandra and Nixon.

Nixon apparently believes he will form a bond with Beyoncé online, with his mom adding: “I think they will find a way to open up and have that conversation. They have Snapchat and all that."

With Bey and her rapper husband Jay-Z recently buying the most expensive home in California, Wright says ‘it’s hard to see people living as billionaires’.

The single mom bought a five-bedroom Los Angeles home for herself and her son earlier this year. And Wright insists she isn’t looking for money from Beyoncé or Nixon’s dad, simply just love for him.

“I think Beyoncé is a lovely person and she has never done anything to harm me,” she said. “I don’t want anything from them. I just want my son to be free and to have a happy life.”

UNILAD has contacted Beyoncé’s team for comment.

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