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Belle Delphine disowned by her dad after he found out about her job
Featured Image Credit: X/@louistheroux / Instagram/@belle.delphine

Belle Delphine disowned by her dad after he found out about her job

The OnlyFans content creator and cosplayer went viral for selling her own used bathwater at the age of 19.

Adult content creator Belle Delphine has opened up about her dad's reaction to her choice of career.

Channeling Barry Keoghan's character in Saltburn, the 24-year-old OnlyFans star first hit headlines when she sold her used bathwater online for a staggering amount back in 2019.

However, despite making a name for herself alongside a lot of money both from her OnlyFans and YouTube channels, Delphine's - real name Mary-Belle Kirschner - career path has come with its drawbacks.

On The Louis Theroux Podcast, she explained that she first decided to sell her bathwater after hearing about 'used panty' machines in Japan.

Wanting to be 'more unique', Delphine debated selling her own 'spit' or 'hair' but resolved selling used bathwater as it was less impactful but still 'cute' and 'quite fun to do' while remaining 'close to [her] physical body'.

Delphine ended up selling jars of her used bathwater - called 'GamerGirl Bath Water' - for a whopping $30 a pop and on top of her other OnlyFans and YouTube content - including cosplay modelling - it's led the internet personality to be worth an estimated $10 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While she notes 'everybody' in her family knew how she was making her millions and she 'never wanted it to be a secret thing,' her dad was the last person to find out and his reaction has left a lasting impact on Delphine.

Belle Delphine has made millions from her adult content.
YouTube/ belle delphine

Delphine was able to buy a house with the money she'd earned from her various online endeavours, and not knowing the ins and outs of his daughter's career, her dad had questions.

The content creator's dad came to visit her in the UK and the same evening 'or the next day' he found out how she'd afforded the abode.

"He just went wild," she told Theroux. "He went crazy. The messages he was writing … it was just horrible. But he’s always been like that, so it’s not something I wouldn’t have expected."

However, it's not just Delphine's dad who's questioned her career in the world of adult film, but the content creator herself too.

Delphine's dad wasn't too happy when he found out about her career.
YouTube/ belle delphine

Delphine admits she'll probably end up feeling 'uncomfortable' one day in the knowledge that the internet will always contain naked photographs of her on it.

She also questions how she'd feel if her content was seen by members of her family, saying: "I haven’t personally had this, but others have. How do you deal with your uncle purchasing your OnlyFans?"

The internet personality also reflects what happens if you make content with a partner but then split up and whether or not you then 'keep selling this video' given it makes you money.

Delphine resolves she's 'not against sex work at all' but thinks 'once [her career has] run it's course,' she will 'just leave it,' adding she's 'not really interested in the fame aspect' either.

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