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MrBeast says thousands of viewers don't think his videos are real

MrBeast says thousands of viewers don't think his videos are real

MrBeast has said 'hundreds of thousands' of people get in touch with him to say his videos aren't real.

Immensely popular YouTuber MrBeast has admitted that he has to tone down the prizes he gives away because people don't believe his videos are real.

MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the most popular personalities on the site, having racked up over 100 million subscribers and billions of views on his videos.

Over the years, he's grown his platform on the site through plenty of dedication, having spent 1,000 days studying other videos on YouTube to work out what makes content work that little bit better.

His career has also been given a big boost by teaming up with former NFL talent manager Reed Duchscher ,who helped the YouTuber go from just over a million subscribers to 100 times that.

In his videos, he often gives away big cash prizes and the occasional private island, with the latter prize going to his 100 millionth subscriber.

MrBeast has headed off rumours that his cash prizes are faked.

The YouTuber explained that every time he tries to do a big prize giveaway he ends up inundated with people accusing him of faking it, and has even toned down his prizes just so people will believe him.

He said: "The bigger the videos get the less people think they're real.

"If I give away a million dollars in a video I'll get hundreds of thousands of comments and tweets like 'this is fake, clearly this is fake, no YouTuber could afford it'."

"Same thing when I give away private islands, a lot of people just won't think it's real. Whenever I go above $100,000 no one believes it. They just can't fathom that a YouTuber can make that kind of money. A lot of videos I'll dumb down the prizes just so people think it's real."

MrBeast was recently named the world's richest creator, with his YouTube efforts last year earning him a whopping $54 million, so he's got plenty of money to give away.

The YouTuber has even held his own version of Squid Game where people competed for a cash prize.

But part of the reason the YouTube star has been accused of giving away fake money in his videos is because the cash you see on camera often is fake.

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted that the banknotes which are piled up in some of his videos are fakes, leading some to believe he's not actually giving people real money.

However, MrBeast has explained that when it comes to actually spending his prize giveaways it's easier and safer to just write cheques for the prize winners, with the fake cash being a prop.

The money he gives away is definitely real and often goes to a good cause, as during the pandemic the YouTuber donated over $1 million to food banks.

MrBeast has also made some clever moves on his platform, releasing dubbed versions of his videos translated into other languages to open up new hordes of subscribers.

Featured Image Credit: mrbeast/Instagram

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