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MrBeast tells YouTuber trying to track him down and meet him to ‘go away’
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Mr Beast

MrBeast tells YouTuber trying to track him down and meet him to ‘go away’

MrBeast made it very clear that he had no interest in meeting the YouTuber

MrBeast has outright told another YouTuber to 'go away' after they declared a mission to track him down and give him a random gift.

Well, they do say you should never meet your heroes.

It all started when YouTuber Dino Favara, who has more than 32,000 subscribers on the platform, decided to get stuck in to a YouTube trend which involves creators trying to deliver things to MrBeast.

There is a trend among YouTubers trying to deliver things to MrBeast.

YouTuber Ryan Trahan is among the creators who've successfully done this in the past, having travelled for a month to give MrBeast a penny, so Favara decided to call back to this by bringing MrBeast a cardboard cutout of Trahan.

In a post on Twitter on Friday (16 June), the YouTuber shared a picture of the cutout and wrote: "I just bought a cardboard cutout of @RyanTrahan and I’m flying to Greenville tomorrow to give it to @MrBeast."

He continued: "Is this stupid? Yes. Will this video be a narrative on unhealthy “jumpstart YouTube” tactics? Absolutely."

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, didn't respond to this initial post, but Favara was met with a lot of comments wishing him luck on his mission to MrBeast's hometown of Greenville, North Carolina.

Dino Favara kept fans updated with his mission.

"Thanks man," he responded to one well-wisher, adding: "He’s a busy guy, so we’ll see if this works!!"

The following day, the YouTuber shared an update along with another snap of him holding the cutout, writing: "Just picked this beauty up and we’re about an hour away from Greenville. The hunt is on for @MrBeast."

With Favara now apparently being in closer proximity to MrBeast, the YouTube star decided to take action.

Evidently not interested in being found, MrBeast responded: "Go away. I don’t want your stupid cutout. I’m tired of people harassing me."

MrBeast was quick to shut down Favara.

The response from the content creator surprised a lot of internet users, though many pointed out that he has every right to try and stop people from trying to find him.

Though his mission was ruined, Favara took MrBeast's response in his stride and immediately agreed to back off.

"Yes sir," he replied, adding: "I’ve never been more happy with a rejection in my life."

In another post, Favara responded: "Aye captain! I really appreciate you actually saying this. I just turned around."

He later responded to another comment in which he put a positive spin on the rejection, indicating that he'd been trying to draw attention to the YouTube trend, writing: "The whole point of me coming out here is the fact it’s extremely invasive."

Even though Favara didn't get to deliver the cutout, he made clear that he's still going to make a video out of his adventure.

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