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Madonna calls for people to stop bullying her after savage 50 Cent post

Madonna calls for people to stop bullying her after savage 50 Cent post

Madonna has finally had enough.

Madonna is calling on people to stop bullying her after rapper 50 Cent called her out in a savage social media post.

The singer doesn't exactly churn out the hits like she used to, but instead can be found posting weird and wonderful videos to Instagram and TikTok - often leaving fans baffled.

In one of her more recent posts, Madonna had viewers at a loss for words when she filmed herself lip syncing to a track by rapper Baby Keem.

The bizarre video was so unexpected that it seems to have inspired 50 Cent to reignite his feud with the pop star.

It's hard to tell whether 50 Cent, aka Curtis Jackson, was offended or amused by Madonna's video but either way, it looks like he was just as thrown as everyone else.

The rapper shared a picture to his Instagram Story for his 28.5 million followers to see, which read: "Madonna using rap music fro clout on TikTok is pathetic and truly disturbs my spirit."

Adding his own input to the harsh post, he wrote: "I told y’all grandma was on bulls**! Like a virgin at 64. LOL."

A lot of people seemed to agree with 50's sentiment, since Madonna felt the need to ask people to 'stop bullying' her.

The 'Like A Prayer' singer posted a photo of herself to her Instagram Story, she wrote: "Stop Bullying Madonna For Enjoying Her Life," following it up swiftly with a clip of her lip-syncing to her song 'Give It To Me.'


This isn't the first time that the pair, who used to be friends, have clashed heads over the years.

Back in 2019, 50 shared a photo of Madonna performing at the LGBT Stonewall Inn bar in New York City, accompanied by the caption: "Hahhahaha Madonna got her a** done. Lol what the f*** is goin on."

He took another jab at her last year, when Madonna shared some racy pictures of herself posing on a bed.

In one of the photos, she posed in black lingerie and fishnet tights with her bare nipple out - censored for Instagram, of course.

Re-sharing the pics from Madonna's sexy shoot, 50 Cent wrote: "Yo this is the funniest s***! LOL.

"That's Madonna under the bed trying to do like a virgin at 63. She shot out, if she don't get her old a** up. LMFAO".

Hitting back at the 'In da Club' rapper, Madonna responded: "Here is 50 Cent pretending to be my friend. Now you have decided to talk smack about me!...

"I guess your new career is getting attention by trying to humiliate others on social media. The least elevated choice [you] could make as [an] artist and an adult.

"[You're] just jealous you won't look as good as me or have as much fun when you are my age!"

When 50 tried to apologise, Madonna wasn't having it and described his apology as 'fake', 'bulls***' and 'not valid'.

I wish these two would just work things out and make a really weird single together.

Featured Image Credit: @madonna/@50cent/Instagram

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