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People Are Horrified By The Way Kendall Jenner Cuts A Cucumber

People Are Horrified By The Way Kendall Jenner Cuts A Cucumber

The 26-year-old awkwardly extended her whole arm while holding the vegetable and sheepishly sliced its end with her arms crossed over.

Kendall Jenner has made headlines again but not because of her impeccable fashion. Instead, it’s the way she cuts a cucumber.

With the latest episode of The Kardashians airing yesterday, Thursday (May 12), a scene showed the supermodel making a snack for herself in the kitchen.

While it was a pretty boring scene, it left many viewers stunned with her odd cutting technique.

The 26-year-old awkwardly extended her whole arm holding the vegetable while sheepishly slicing its end with her arms crossed over, and my god, it’s painful to watch.

Ironically before she embarks on her culinary journey, Kendall says: “I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber. Should be pretty easy.”

Ah celebs, they’re just like us.

As the model began to cut the vegetable, her mum Kris Jenner, yelled out 'You go girl!', almost as though Kendall is making the last three-point shot before the buzzer goes off.

Kendall then asks: “Don’t cucumbers have seeds?”

Look, we can’t blame her because when you live the high-life, you might not be exposed to the culinary delights of slicing food.

As Kris watched her daughter struggle, she cried: “Hey chef? Do you want to cut this up for her?”

To which Kendall responded: “I’ll do it mum, it’s fine.”

The video unsurprisingly is sweeping the internet, with many Twitter users shocked at Kendall’s privilege notably slipping out.

One person wrote: “The way Kendall Jenner proved she has never cut a cucumber in her entire life and was just trying to be relatable to the cameras will never not be funny, hey chef, can you come cut this cucumber for my 26-year-old daughter.”

Another wrote: “Watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber was the best part of the newest Kardashians episode.”

A third person commented: “Watching Kendall Jenner cut a cucumber the way she does was not something I had on my 2022 bingo card. Girl, you’re going to cut your damn hand off.”

While another person said: “About an hour ago, I witnessed Kendall Jenner attempt to cut a cucumber on my tv screen. It made me feel a little superior but mostly poor.”

Poor indeed!

It’s ok Kendall, you still have your art-deco LA mansion and your vintage car collection.

If you want to witness Kendall’s curious cutting method and the rest of the drama concerning her mogul family, you can catch them on The Kardashians on Disney+ and Hulu.

Featured Image Credit: Hulu. Everett Collection Inc/Alamy Live News

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