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Kendall Jenner pokes fun at her bizarre way of cutting vegetables for her Halloween outfit
Featured Image Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram. Hulu

Kendall Jenner pokes fun at her bizarre way of cutting vegetables for her Halloween outfit

She's taken her most embarrassing moment of 2022 and turned it into a costume.

Kendall Jenner has shown she can laugh at herself after revealing her new Halloween outfit.

The famous model went viral earlier this year when an episode of The Kardashians showed her bizarre method for cutting vegetables.

While it was a pretty boring scene, it left many viewers stunned with her odd cutting technique.

The 26-year-old awkwardly extended her whole arm to hold the vegetable while sheepishly slicing its end with her arms crossed over, and my god, it was painful to watch.

Ironically, before she embarked on her culinary journey, Kendall said: “I’m just gonna chop up some cucumber. Should be pretty easy.”

Her mum Kris Jenner encouraged Kendall by yelling out 'you go girl!', almost as though Jenner is making the last three-point shot before the buzzer goes off.

As Kris watched her daughter struggle, she asked: “Hey chef? Do you want to cut this up for her?”

Kendall responded: “I’ll do it mum, it’s fine.”

Well, fast forward a couple of months Kendall has had the last laugh by going as a cucumber to Halloween.

She wrote on Instagram: "i’m giving out fruits and veggies tonight."

People thought the idea was genius and praised her for joking about the awkward incident back in May.

But that's not the only Halloween outfit Jenner has donned this year that's making headlines.

She was accused of ruining people's childhoods when she dressed up as Jessie from the Toy Story franchise.

In a Instagram post, the model showed off her Toy Story inspired look as she donned an auburn wig, cowboy hat, long-sleeved top and erm… arse-less chaps with some denim undies.

Many of her fans were delighted with the look with one writing: “She won Halloween.”

Another said: “The cutest little cowgirl,” while someone else said: “Looks amazing.”

However not everyone was impressed, as one follower added: “Ruined my childhood.”

Someone else said: “You ruined it," with a crying emoji.

And third wrote: “Stop spoiling my childhood favourite character.”

Well, you can’t please everyone, can you?

The model usually makes an effort to dress up for Halloween every year, having previously been Pamela Anderson’s character in Barb Wire, a dead bride, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Luigi.

And, it's a tradition that seems to run in the family as Kylie Jenner also got into the spooky spirit of things by dressing up as the Bride of Frankenstein.

In a slew of Instagram posts, she could be seen wearing a white top and sporting the distinctive beehive-style hairdo with a flash of white up the side. To complete her look, she wore dramatic make up and carried a large carving knife.

While older sister Kim Kardashian opted out of dressing up this year, she did share a photo of her four kids North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm in costume as Aaliyah, Sade, Snoop Dogg and Eazy-E.

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