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Kendall Jenner Responds To Clip Of Her Cutting Cucumbers

Kendall Jenner Responds To Clip Of Her Cutting Cucumbers

Even Kendall Jenner has joined in making fun of a clip where she tries to cut up a cucumber

Kendall Jenner has spoken out after a clip of her trying to cut up cucumbers left people stunned.

Thousands took to social media to dunk on her cucumber-cutting technique, which involved her crossing her arms over awkwardly and slicing wafer-thin slices off the vegetable.

She appeared to be having so much trouble cutting up the cucumber – a task she had declared 'should be pretty easy' – that her mum Kris Jenner eventually asked whether she wanted their chef to do it for her.

The 26-year-old was roundly slated on social media for her culinary attempts, some said it showed she was 'far removed from reality' though others thought it was the 'best part of the episode' and had fun watching her fail.

Possibly working on the logic of 'if you can't beat them, join them', Jenner got on Twitter and shared a picture a fan had taken of the episode that bore a caption calling her efforts 'the most tragic thing I've ever witnessed'.

Jenner described her own efforts at cucumber cutting as 'tragic', appearing to agree with the many thousands on social media who were less than impressed with her technique.

Trying to agree with the mockery of her 'tragic' attempts to cut up a cucumber did little to stem the tide of people poking fun at her lack of cucumber-cutting ability.

One person wrote: "This is a basic life skill. Rich kids end up being too dependant for basic necessities."

Another wrote: "This is the result of the fact that they live in a house that works like a hotel, so they are like tourists and the staff do everything around them."

A third commented: "What’s weirder is that Kris had no idea what to do other than scream for the chef. Lol."

Others stepped in to defend Jenner, with one saying 'people having nothing better to do but criticize'.

Someone else said: "It was tragic but I truly think because of her anxiety, she froze and started getting awkward with the cutting. I don't think she's that bad. I think she went rigid knowing the cameras were on her. Just my opinion."

Luckily for Jenner, she does have trained chefs to cut up her cucumbers for her – or even to teach her the right way to cut them herself.

With a little bit of practice, her cucumber-cutting talents should easily be upgraded from 'tragic' to somewhat decent.

You can watch the 26-year-old's failure to cut up a cucumber and other things her family gets up to by watching The Kardashians on Disney+ and Hulu.

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Featured Image Credit: Alamy/Twitter @qinnitan

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