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Kelly Ripa admits having 'ludicrous' sexual 'rituals' with husband Mark Consuelos
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/LIVEKellyandRyan

Kelly Ripa admits having 'ludicrous' sexual 'rituals' with husband Mark Consuelos

The pair were forced to figure out how to keep things spicy while Consuelos was away filming

Kelly Ripa has revealed that she and her husband Mark Consuelos had to get creative when it came to keeping things spicy in their marriage.

While Consuelos was away filming for Riverdale, the pair would engage in 'ludicrous' sexual 'rituals' via FaceTime.

Hey, no judgement here – if anything, people in long-term relationships might learn a thing or two.

The same can be said for the rest of the couple's revelations about their partnership, which they opened about in the first episode of the Let’s Talk Off Camera podcast.

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary this May.

Consuelos and Ripa got hitched back in 1996, and have gone on to have three children together: Michael Joseph Consuelos, 25, Lola Consuelos, 21, and Joaquin Antonio Consuelos, 20.

Though they don't like to spend time apart, sometimes they have to due to work commitments.

Consuelos explained that he was in Canada in 2020 for 10 months while filming the teen drama, during which time he was only able to see Ripa for around two weeks.

When asked how they survived, the 52-year-old Live with Kelly and Ryan host says: "Can I tell you something? We had sexual rituals that were so ludicrous over FaceTime."

But this wasn't the most comfortable experience at first, with Ripa adding: "I became so alarmed at my appearance over FaceTime that I started rigging the computer to hang from a ladder.

"I'm not kidding. I hung the computer over a ladder so that I could look up to Mark so that he did not have to see what gravity was actually doing.

"You get really close to yourself in situations where you're separated from your husband for long periods of time."

Consuelos also contributed to the chat and explained how they maintain a healthy relationship, which anyone who's in a marriage will know takes a lot of work.

In terms of intimacy, the 51-year-old actor said he makes sure they don't have huge gaps between having sex when they are together.

The couple know a thing or two about keeping things spicy in the bedroom.

"I didn’t give you a break," he said. "There have never been months [between sex] unless I was in another country, but if you just decided, 'Yeah, we’re not having sex anymore,' I would probably have a problem with that."

Consuelos added: "I’m going to blame it on the fact that I travelled so much. A lot had to happen in the time I was home.

"I wanted to get intimacy in and the sex in. So they became one and the same."

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