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Newlyweds share their marriage rules that some people are calling 'toxic'

Newlyweds share their marriage rules that some people are calling 'toxic'

People are pretty divided over this one.

A young married couple has sparked a serious debate online after revealing the 'controversial' rules they follow in their marriage.

Jaden and Andy from Texas, US, got married in August 2021 after graduating from Abilene Christian University, and have been documenting their relationship on TikTok ever since.

The couple's posts on TikTok are usually pretty inoffensive, but one recent post about the strict rules they follow in their marriage had some viewers up in arms.

While the newlyweds claim that the three rules have helped them maintain a healthy marriage, some followers called the 'toxic' behaviour.

Captioning the video, which now has over 4.3 million views, Jaden and Andy wrote: "Controversial things about our marriage that we didn't realise are controversial."

In the video, they laid out their top three unusual rules.

Firstly, the couple have promised to share their locations with each other on Life360, a family tracking app.

Rule number two involves 'sharing all passwords and having no secrets'.

All passwords does seem a little bit much, wouldn't you say?

Finally, the couple have agreed to no 'hanging out with the opposite gender alone'.


As you can probably imagine, there were a lot of viewers who were wary of Jaden and Andy's rules, and took to the comments to let them know.

The newlyweds divided opinions over their marriage rules.

"Tell me you don't trust each other without telling me..." wrote one TikToker.

"But if you truly trusted [each] other none of this would be necessary, no?" asked a second.

A third described the couple's rules as: "Toxic as hell."

Meanwhile, a fourth pointed out the 'bad vibes on the last one'. They said: "If you can trust the other partner then there's no need."

A fifth viewer even went as far as to ask Jaden to 'blink twice' if he needed help.

But not everyone felt so strongly about the couple's rules. In fact, a lot of people actually agreed with them.

"I do and agree with all these things- and I’m a marriage therapist," wrote one user.

"That’s how it should be," another agreed. "Not even as a privacy issue but safety. I have my best friend's location on too."

And a third viewer noted: "YEAH thats how it's supposed to work, trust, and not putting yourself in a situation where something damaging can happen."

"I feel like these are all normal things," agreed a fourth.

To each their own, I suppose.

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Featured Image Credit: @jadenmcgrew/Instagram

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