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Katy Perry 'wants to quit' American Idol after heavy criticism

Katy Perry 'wants to quit' American Idol after heavy criticism

She was temporarily replaced on the show after a contestant walked off

Katy Perry could be looking to quit American Idol after the recent criticism over an incident where a contestant walked off the show.

This all started when Perry was accused of 'bullying' 25-year-old mother Sara Beth Liebe as appeared on the show.

While Liebe impressed the judges enough to make it through, she walked off the stage at a later part of American Idol, telling the judges: "This opportunity is really rad, but this is actually going to be my last performance because my heart’s at home, so I’m going to get home to my babies. Thank you!"

Perry faced some backlash for how she'd been with Leibe in the audition, and fans of American Idol went on to criticize her for the way she'd behaved with other contestants as well.

She was later booed by the American Idol crowd for the first time ever in his six years on the show after telling contestant Nutsa Buzaladze she wanted to see less glitter from her next performance.

Katy Perry has faced backlash on this season of American Idol.

Some fans called on the show to get Perry to apologize for her 'rude' comments to singer Wé Ani after she progressed through a round of the competition.

Perry was temporarily replaced on American Idol as both she and fellow judge Lionel Richie were performing at the coronation concert for King Charles III in the UK.

Her absence left viewers split as some thought they'd prefer it if she left completely and wondered if the new arrival could 'replace her forever'.

Others defended Perry, pointing out that 'Simon Cowell was WAYYYYYYYY worse and he never got replaced'.

Now the Daily Mail are reporting that Perry wants out after the backlash she's faced, claiming that she believes she's been 'thrown under the bus by producers' and thinks the show has been edited to make her look like 'the nasty judge'.

Reports claim she's planning on quitting the show.
American Idol/ABC

They report that after all the controversy and backlash she's faced she now wants to leave and is ready to call time on her years of being a judge on American Idol.

The Mail claims that Perry believes she is being portrayed as a 'nasty judge' on the show and that she's worried it's tarnishing her legacy.

While she'd be turning down a reported $25 million per season deal to keep being a judge on the show, she's apparently pretty sorted in the money department and would prefer to keep her reputation rather than face further backlash.

UNILAD have contacted Katy Perry's representatives and American Idol for a comment.

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