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American Idol viewers divided after Katy Perry is temporarily replaced as judge

American Idol viewers divided after Katy Perry is temporarily replaced as judge

Fans of the show don't know how to react after catching light that the judge will be getting replaced

American Idol viewers have been left completely divided after finding out that Katy Perry is being temporarily replaced as judge.

There is yet another controversy surrounding the 'Dark House' hitmaker and her involvement on the beloved singing competition but this time it's due to her absence on the show more so than any further alleged 'mom-shaming' comments or 'rude' reactions.

Perry has decided to take somewhat of a break amid all the American Idol drama and has left the United States altogether to make her way across the pond to the UK for greener pastures.

The star has pretty much been under fire for the entirety of this year's season of American Idol so it makes sense why there are some very strong opinions on her brief departure from the show.

From fans claiming the judge bullied contestants to even threatening to boycott the show once and for all due to her behavior - it's clear that this year has been jam-packed with scandal upon scandal.

Both Perry and fellow judge, Lionel Richie, will be absent from filming over the weekend to attend and perform at King Charles III’s coronation concert but, some very big names are set to stand in for the pair instead.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after it was revealed she’d be involved in the historical concert, the singer revealed: "I'm grateful I get to go.

"I met His Majesty to be a few years ago and he named me as one of the ambassadors to his organization, The British Asian Trust, which is an organization that helps fight to end child trafficking.

"So I'm also an ambassador for UNICEF, and it really aligned with my values. That's mostly why I'm going, to be an ambassador and to say, 'Hey, this is me from the USA.' No, but it's so cool."

Viewers have been left divided. Credit ABC
Viewers have been left divided. Credit ABC

While it's clear that the 'Roar' singer is excited to have a small hiatus from the show, fans aren't so clear-cut on their opinions on her departure.

An avalanche of American Idol audiences has taken to social media to share their thoughts and - heads up - they've not held back a single bit.

One Instagram user hit back with: "Temporarily? So people just forget what a jacka** she is? Tiger doesn’t change its stripes."


Many others shared similar sentiments with another Twitter user writing: "We won! She should permanently leave."

"THIS IS INCREDIBLE OMFG BEST NEWS ALL YEAR IDGAF," penned a third, clearly excited, critic of the singer.

"Not me getting so happy thinking she finally quit idol," commented a fourth while another echoed: "Can that person replace her for ever?"

Others, however, rushed to Perry's defense with one fan hitting back, comparing the star with another controversial former American Idol judge.

"Get there hell out of here..." they wrote. "Simon Cowell was WAYYYYYYYY worse and he never got replaced! People being offended."

It has since been confirmed that Ed Sheeran and Alanis Morissette will fill in as co-judges during Perry and Richie's temporary absence.

Featured Image Credit: ABC

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