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Judge Judy says Justin Bieber is 'scared to death' of her

Judge Judy says Justin Bieber is 'scared to death' of her

Judge Judy has spoken out about why her former neighbour Justin Bieber would always avoid her

Judge Judy has spoken out about why her former neighbour Justin Bieber would always avoid her.

Former Manhattan family court Judge Judith Sheindlin - and star of American reality court show Judge Judy - has revealed she used to live next door to none other than 'Baby' singer Justin Bieber.

Some neighbours bake pies for one another and have a natter over the fence, and others rage wars on one another, secretly competing over who has the better front lawn or Christmas decorations.

Or, apparently, some neighbours simply don't speak at all - as it turns out that Bieber never uttered a single word to Judge Judy because the singer is apparently 'scared to death' of her.

Well, Judge Judy has since opened up about why the pair never became neighbourly friends.

It could either be very reassuring or slightly concerning to live next door to someone so high up in the legal profession.

What happens if they see you doing something you're not really meant to? Like streaming a TV show not quite via the official channels or letting your sibling have a sip of beer despite them not quite being of legal age?

Judge Judy has spoken out about why Justin Bieber is 'scared to death' of her.
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While it's better to keep your friends close but your enemies closer, Bieber was apparently simply too petrified of Judge Judy to make friends or strike up a friendship for the sake of keeping the relationship sweet.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Judge Judy explained the lengths the musician would allegedly go to in order to avoid her while living side by side.

In a nod to Bieber's Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest in 2014, Judge Judy voiced there being a 'period of time before [Bieber] grew up when he was foolish and doing foolish things'.

Soon after the incident occurred, Judge Judy publicly commented on the matter, telling CBS Los Angeles Bieber needed to remember 'being a celebrity is a gift'.

She said: "You could either treat it reverently or you could make a fool out of yourself. And he's doing a very good job of making a fool out of himself.

"I think it's sad. And nobody's going to remember that he was a marginal singer. But they're going to remember a young kid who had a chance to have it all and who is blowing it by acting like a fool."

Bieber allegedly paid  the 'front door people' so he wouldn't end up bumping into Judge Judy.
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Judge Judy alleges Bieber then became so wary of her he went to extreme measures to make sure he wouldn't 'bump into' her by 'paying the front door people' to alert him to her movements outside.

It's just as well Bieber has since moved house to shack up with his wife Hailey.

UNILAD has contacted Justin Bieber for comment.

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